#318, 31st March 2017
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Here we are visiting with you again! Thanks for allowing us into your life.The articles in this issue we trust and the Word they contain will bless and encourage you to keep going into your Bible and reap the benefits that God has for you. To get the most out of this article, read right through to the end!
News of the Ministry
After over two decades of operation, today the Wades closed P.O. Box 115, Seaford S.A., Australia. Any mail sent to that address will be returned to the sender. As snail mail diminishes worldwide and emails take over, the number of units in the box has dropped to single digits per month. Just replace the "P.O. Box 115" to "39 Schooner Road" (their office) and mail to them will get through (see the page About the Wades.) The snail mail address for the ministry is at the foot of every web page. When new copies of books are printed, they will show the new address.

Jump and Trust the Parachute

Previously on Lessons from the Great Physician:
Lesson One:  Establish the will of God
Lesson Two: Accept the authority of God's Word
Lesson Three: Recognize your Family Rights

The fourth lesson from the Great Physician is found in the stilling of the storm on the Sea of Galilee in Matthew 8:18,23-27. The same incident is also recorded in Mark 4:35-41 and Luke 8:22-25. "Now when Jesus saw a crowd around him, he gave orders to go over to the other side" (verse 8 ESV). Go over, not go under! The key to this incident from the viewpoint of the training of the twelve is seen in the words of Jesus in verse 26, "O you of little faith." The faith of the disciples was severely tested.

We should note that when the Bible writers were inspired to pen their narratives, not everything that happened was included. In some places a summary is given (like Matthew 4:23-25). The last verse in John's gospel reads: "Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written" (John 21:25). So every incident that is included is in the record for a reason, and as unashamed workmen of the Word (II Timothy 2:15) we should diligently meditate on what that reason might be.

I can remember as a youth singing a well-loved song written in 1874 by a Baptist lady, Mary Ann Baker, and found in 225 hymnals (you know, those heavy music books that used to be in the rack on the back of the pew)! It is based on this incident. "Master, the tempest is raging!" It took some liberties with the Bible story, so let's go to the source. I am using mainly the Matthew record.

"And when he got into the boat, his disciples followed him. And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by the waves; but he was asleep. And they went and woke him, saying, 'Save us, Lord; we are perishing.' And he said to them, 'Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?' Then he rose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm" (Matthew 8:23-26).

The storms on the Sea of Galilee are fierce, according to the commentaries, yet Jesus is at the stern, the back of the boat (Mark) sleeping. That would be a lot harder than trying to sleep on a long-haul jet! When it got really dangerous with water filling the boat, the disciples woke Jesus up, saying "Save us at once, we are perishing!" (Robertson's Word Pictures).

Jump and trust the parachuteThe solution to this predicament is that Jesus expected his disciples to handle the situation themselves, not to call on him just because it was blowing a gale. "Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?" (Matthew 8:26). "Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?" (Mark 4:40). "Where is your faith?" (Luke 8:25). Every believer is expected to stand on the Word themselves, to have faith in their own faith. When you live in the Word and the Word lives in you, you could be the only person on a Pacific island and still have all your needs supplied. We would say today, "Sometimes you just have to jump and trust the parachute!"

"It is a beautiful thing when a man abandons himself to the Word, swings utterly free, and lets God loose in him until 'Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world' becomes a thrilling reality" (E.W. Kenyon). He goes on to say, "Faith is a problem only when we do not know the Lord and we do not know the Word. Give place to the God inside of you. He unveils Himself as your need demands it... Once it was God's Word in Jesus' lips. Now it is God's Word in your lips." It is too easy to have faith in other's faith; it is a thrilling adventure to have faith in your own faith.

Mark's gospel gives us the actual words spoken, "Peace, be still" (Mark 4:39 KJV etc.), but Matthew and Luke say he "rebuked" the wind and the waves, so we know the tone in which the words were spoken. The Amplified Bible renders the words as "Hush now! Be still (muzzled)!" Other translations better render it as "Silence! Be still!" (CSB), and "Be silent! Be still!" (CLV). It was a command spoken with authority. When training a puppy you don't say, "Come here, sweetie." You speak loud and sharply, "Come!"

All three accounts speak of a "great calm." "Then he stood up and rebuked the wind and waves, and suddenly all was calm" (NLT). "The sea became smooth as glass" (MSG).

The surprise of the disciples at the ease and quickness of the solution is given in verse 27: "And the men marveled, saying, 'What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?'" It could be that this was the first time they saw faith at work in the natural world. It would not be the last.

Take a leap of faithThis is a most important lesson: have faith in your own faith. This applies not only to divine healing but also many other "curve balls" that life throws your way. We used to say "The Word works when you work the Word," but that is not so. "The Word works when you apply the Word" is much closer to the truth. Soak yourself in God's positive Word and you'll be ready to command the negative intruders to leave your life. "And having done all, stand firm!" (Ephesians 6:13). -- Peter Wade.


How did you turn if off?

It is only a repeat if you didn't read it the first time! Here is an article from one of our earlier newsletters or blog:

I said to the Master, “How do I turn on the power of God?”
The Master said, “How did you turn it off?”

Then I saw that if the power of God should be turned off even for a moment, the universe would crash to an end and crumble into nothingness.

The power of God is at work in every atom. The power of God is at work in every mind. The power of God is at work in you.

Night and day, pouring forth power, sending power surging through every trembling wire, the generators are at work in a city, whether the city wakes or sleeps. Night and day, the power of God is at work, whether you turn it on or not. Whether you are awake to it or not, whether you know it or not, whether you invite it or not, the power is at work. And it is at work in you.

You can refuse to use the power consciously--that is all. But always, when you refuse to use the power consciously, the power may unconsciously use you.

The power of God presses at every point of being, waiting to be drawn forth. How do you draw it forth? Is not the best way to let it draw you forth? For you can use the power of God to the extent of your capacity, but God uses you to the extent of His capacity.

Your wisdom is limited but God’s wisdom has no limits. So when you let God use you as He finds good, who can foresee what good will be brought forth?

[James Dillet Freeman]

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