"When you pray, say..." (Matt. 6:5-13)
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#324, 31 July 1917
Hi, Friend,
What you have been saying...

Dear Reverend Wade, I've been praying for clarity and accuracy from my nightly reading of the word for a while now...  My prayers were answered when I bought "I'm Excited About Ephesians" recently. The book of Ephesians is blossoming like a rose for me now. I just wanted you to know what a blessing you and your writings have been in my life. Thank you! -- Steve, NV, USA
     Hi Peter. Just to mention that upon a re-read of it I am getting more out of the "In Christ Christ In" book. Seems the wine gets better with age. But then you have accumulated more material to draw upon and hence make better books. -- RK, Aust.

The Lord's Prayer, Is It For Today?

In this issue we focus on prayer, specifically the Lord's Prayer, from Matthew 6:5-13. "When you pray..." (verse 5), "When you pray..." (verse 6), "When you pray..." (verse 7), "Pray then like this..." (verse 9, all ESV). The only way to determine the answer to the question in the title is to look at the context, and to whom it was written and when.

I have often been asked this question, particularly from evangelicals who are not accustomed to the weekly repetition, and it happened again recently. So I'm releasing for the first time on the Internet this 25-minute audio teaching on "The Lord's Prayer." Go to our main menu and select Audio, and then scroll down to the bottom and you'll see "Single Teachings." Click on the menu icon in the bottom left corner of the player and a list will display below, and then select "The Lord's Prayer" from the list.

You will learn a lot about the way the disciples were taught to pray, as well as about the Lord's Prayer. At this time, the teaching is only available in audio, for listening online or for free download.
[After listening, send us your comments online]

You probably didn't know, but all the work of the Positive Words Incorporated board is done by five volunteers. This is mandated in their constitution. We don't raise finances by we do raise faith. All of the above are rare in the world of religion, yet God blesses us and supplies our needs. It would be good if you could send an email to our president Michael Sommer and encourage him and his board.
Cover for I'm Excited About Colossians
New book cover

Peter Wade's book I'm Excited About Colossians has a new cover, designed to match "I'm Excited About Ephesians" and other future titles in the same series.    
     Paul’s letter to the Colossians takes us to the heights of revealed truth about Christ perhaps like no other New Testament book. While Ephesians lifts our minds to heavenly places, Colossians reveals to us Who holds the universe together—Christ Jesus. This letter can be read in around 20 minutes yet will seed a lifetime of revelation.
     Some may call this book a “devotional commentary” but the author sees it is a journey of inspiration and exploration. The 31 chapters that will inspire and inform you about Colossians and the small letter to Philemon. Full details in our Bookstore.
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God's Secrets of Success [from Seeds & Secrets pbk]

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