"To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Colossians 1:27)
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#352, 25th September 2018
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In this issue we've included two especially good articles: "Christ in You, The Hope of Glory" by G. Campbell Morgan and "In Christ" by E. Stanley Jones.  We've made it easy for you to purchase In Christ, Christ In by Peter Wade, and we've also highlighted some wonderful activites on our website for you to enjoy.


Christ in You,
The Hope of Glory

by G. Campbell Morgan
Christ in You

No one can have a final demonstration of truth concerning the nature of Christ or His work unless he can say, I know Christ because He is in me. As the apostle says, this is mystical and cannot be explained to the scientific age in which we live. But it is a fact known in the lives of countless multitudes.
Christ in me — and I need hardly apologize for testimony at this point, for speaking rather as a witness than as an advocate:

Christ in me is the most certain thing in all my personal experience
. He is present in my inner life. I do not have to ascend to heaven to find Him, nor descent into the depths to bring Him up. Neither have I to go on long pilgrimages to reach Him.

Amid the hurry and rush of the day, the Christ is within, and His presence is as real as to me as the advent long ago in the Judean country far away. The historic is proved by the experiential.
The use of our Lord’s title suggests not merely the presence of the Person, but also the work of Christ in you. He was at once Prophet, Priest, and King. He is the one Prophet and Teacher by whom the whole life is to be governed — whose teaching is the only teaching which the soul trusts.
Christ in you” also as Priest, the one perfect Savior, operating in the inner shrine of the individual life on the altar; so that through the intermediation, not of Christ far off, but in me, I have personal and immediate access to the presence of God.

Then, further, “Christ in you” also as King, ruling all the life, not by the law of carnal ordinances written on stone, but by the perpetual inspiration of His indwelling presence.
Christ in you.” That is the great miracle, the great mystery, the fact on which all the other facts of Christianity are based, and through which the other forces of Christianity become operative.

The Hope of Glory 

Now let us turn to the experience resulting, “the hope of glory.” “Glory” here refers to the great consummation in which God’s purposes are to be perfectly fulfilled; in which the church, with one voice, will say, “Thou, O Christ, are all I want”; and in which the whole creation will find its groaning cease and join the chorus of praise to Him who sits upon the throne. God’s glory consists in the realization of the purpose of His love in all that His hands have made.
Christ in you is the hope of this glory. What is hope? I wish we bore in mind the real significance of the good old Anglo-Saxon word “hope.” It does not mean foundationless expectation, but rather confidence in something yet to be, with an accompanying endeavor to reach it.
Christ in you is the one unanswerable evidence of the ultimate victory... So if the great untold mystery of God in Christ has become the personal mystery of Christ in me, then what? Then I see with His eyes all the evil loose in the world — but that is not the ultimate thing. What is the ultimate thing? It is that He who came to destroy the works of the devil will destroy them in me.

When you've finished reading, we'd love to hear your thoughts about  
Christ in You, The Hope of Glory by G. Campbell Morgan.
This marvelous book examines what God did for us in that monumental moment we accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, and Peter Wade explains this supreme act of grace and love in a way that makes it understandable, almost simple.

Being “In Christ” is described as the power of our position. That is our location. “Christ In” us is the power of his presence. That is our strength. When God placed us in Christ, He placed Christ in us, and we need to recognize both truths. Jesus taught it and Paul revealed its depth and permanence.

You will finally be able to understand this concept in a way you've never understood before, and that means you'll be able to begin to live the life that God in Christ planned for you. 

The price of the book is $12.50 with a discount of 20% available with an order of 5-10 copies. Buy it at our BOOKSTORE.

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In Christ — E. Stanley Jones

by E. Stanley Jones

The phrase “in Christ” is the ultimate phrase in the Christian faith, for it locates us in a Person — the Divine Person — and it locates us in Him here and now. It brings us to the ultimate relationship — “in.” Obviously this “in” brings us nearer than “near Christ,” “following Christ,” “believing in Christ,” or even “committed to Christ.” You cannot go further or deeper than “in.”
What would be involved in becoming “in Christ”? Some are “in self” — they are determined by self-interest primarily — it is the driving force of their lives. To get and to get on for self is the compelling motive. Some are “in the herd.” Before they act, they look around — they don’t act; they only react to what the herd does. The roots of their motives are in “What will people think?” Making self, or the herd, our God, is sin, the chief sin.
To be “in Christ” means to pull up the roots of one’s very life from the soil of sin and self and herd and plant them “in Christ.” He becomes the source of our life, the source of our thinking, our feeling, our acting, our being.
This obviously involves self-surrender. Not merely the surrender of our sins, our bad habits, our wrong thinking, and our wrong motives, but of the very self behind all these. All of these are symptoms; the unsurrendered self is the disease. So the phrase “in Christ” is not only the ultimate concept, but it demands the ultimate act — self-surrender.

The only thing we own is just ourselves. We don’t own our money, our property, not even the house we live in, for we will leave it all behind. The only thing we will take out with us is just ourselves. It is the only thing we own.

That one thing we own — the self — is deliberately handed back to the Giver in an act of supreme self-surrender with words something like these: “I can’t handle this self of mine. Take me as I am, and make me as I ought to be. I give myself and my sins and my problems to Thee; but myself first and foremost. I’ve been ‘in myself.’; now I am ‘in Thee.’ ” We lose ourselves, and to our astonishment find ourselves. We live when we live “in Him.”
When you've finished reading In Christ by E. Stanley Jones, we'd love to know what you're thinking.

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