I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me” (Galatians 2:20).
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#362, 26th February 2019
Hi, Friend,
Greeting to all of our readers. We'd like to welcome our new and also our long-time subscribers to this issue. It features a "get to know you" section, and two links to two of Peter's blogs, which are filled with the wisdom of God's Word. For those of you who know Peter, it will give you more info and a laugh here and there. For our new subscribers, we hope it will help you get to know the "man behind the curtain." Enjoy!
Getting to Know Peter Wade
Peter heads a trans-denominational teaching ministry in Australia, which he co-founded in 1969. In 2013 he supported the establishment of Positive Words, Inc., incorporated in Oregon, USA. It is a non-profit organization for the teaching of God’s Word, and is operated entirely by volunteers. The outreach of the organization is made possible solely by gifts from interested Christians. It was founded North American and believers worldwide access to the teaching ministry of Peter Wade and other teachers, past and present.

Peter's teaching ministry is evangelical in doctrine, believing that the rightly divided Word of God is the sole guide for faith and practice. He teaches a positive, practical, and positional expression of Christianity, emphasizing the reality of Christ in you and you in Christ. 

Peter Wade, an Australian by birth, was brought up in a Salvation Army family, met his wife Vivien in the Church of the Nazarene, and they married in December 1957. Both believed in their call to the ministry and went to the Life Bible College (a Pentecostal Bible college) in Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia. In March 1958 they were assigned to pastor their first church in Fremantle, a port city near Perth, and then commenced ministry on Easter Sunday 1959 at the Brighton Street Church, North Cottesloe, a beach-side suburb, where they enjoyed a productive season for the next six years.

Peter visited the USA for three months of summer school in 1965 and then returned to Australia to pastor the Taperoo Assemblies of God in Adelaide, South Australia. Eighteen months later they were invited to return to the US with their two boys and lived in Ohio for three years. There they ministered widely across the eastern and mid-western USA, and formed many life-long relationships during this time. They returned to Australia in 1970 and ministered in Positive Word Ministries Inc., a teaching ministry, and later cofounded the Community Christian Church which they pastored for nine years.

In 1995 Peter's first website commenced online and it enabled him to minister to thousands of believers worldwide and continues to this day. Many books have been made available plus free audio and video teachings, articles and blogs.

To learn more about Peter Wade, we have a page on our website devoted to his history and Australian ministry, where a more detailed history of the Wades can be found. Read more about  Peter Wade.

See Peter Wade's entire catalog of books now, all based on his perceptive insights into God’s Word and written in a simple yet profound style.


Quick Reads

Blogs by Peter Wade

A Steady Stream of Words
Let's get the true meaning of “every word.” Our personal faith is encouraged and strengthened by “every word” in the scriptures, “a steady stream of words,” so long as we partake of them. Jeremiah discovered a missing parchment and he wrote, “Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart” (Jeremiah 15:16).

About Nothing
I am noted for teaching that we should read the Bible how it was written, just like we read any other book. However, there are some subjects that require a topical approach, and then there are word studies, biographical studies, and so on. Let’s try out the word study method in the New Testament with the word “Nothing.” In the King James New Testament there are 115 “nothings!”

At the end of each blog there is a special place for you to leave a comment. We love hearing from you.


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