“The earth shall be full of the knowledge of God,
As the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:9).
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#370, 18th June 2019
Hi, Friend,
The Christian's Greatest Need
by E.W. Bullinger 
We cannot trust a person if we do not know him. At least, it is safer for us not to do so; and as a rule we do not. But on the other hand, when we know a person thoroughly well, we cannot help trusting him. No effort to trust is required when we perfectly know a person. The difficulty then is, not to trust.
Why, then, do we not thus trust God? Is not the answer clear? It is because we do not know Him!
Thus we see how this knowledge of God is our greatest need; the very first step of our Christian course. Our trust will ever be in proportion to our knowledge.
If we knew, for example, a billionth part of God’s infinite wisdom, we should see our own to be such utter folly, that we should not merely be “willing” for His will, but we should desire it. It would be our greatest happiness for Him to do and arrange all for us.

We should say, “Lord, I am so foolish and ignorant; I know nothing, and can do nothing; I can see only this present moment; I know nothing of tomorrow. But you can see the end from the beginning. Your wisdom is infinite, and your love is infinite. Do, then, Thine own will. This is my desire, the desire of my heart. This is what I long for above ‘all things.'” 

 If we really knew Him, and believed that He knows better than we do what is good for us, there would be no effort whatever, but only a blessed irrepressible desire for His will. 
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What are people saying about IMPACT?

Your book arrived! I’ve started reading it and already it’s a refreshing take on the things that are so familiar. I don’t remember offhand if I’ve seen the distinction between “baptism in the holy spirit” and “gift of the holy spirit” stated so succinctly. More as I continue reading.
 -- JC, Maryland, USA.

I think Impact is your best book yet, Peter. I never imagined that a book about Pentecost and the early church would be a page burner. Was I wrong! It reads as exciting as a novel and I often couldn't put it down. Thank you, Peter.
                                               -- TB, California, USA.

I completed reading your book. It has been a daily joy reading it during my breaks. You have certainly been able to make the Word come alive. I see why you have an honorary doctorate. This is definitely doctoral level work. Thanks again for sharing it with me. -- KB, USA.


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