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#367, 14th May 2019
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How to Survive a

by Peter Wade
There is no shortage of catastrophes in the world at this time: famine, earthquakes, industrial accidents, air crashes, wars, assassinations — the list is almost endless. And on a personal level there are sickness and disease, lost jobs, divorces, car accidents, death of loved ones — and the list is again almost endless.

The English word “catastrophe” actually is a Greek word which is used in the New Testament. It means a “down turn”, and we use that term when there has been a catastrophe in the economy. The word was used when Jesus overturned (or down-turned) the tables of the money-changers in the Temple (Matthew 21:12). It is used in II Peter 2:6 of the overthrow (down-turn) of Sodom and Gomorrah, and of false teaching that subverts (down-turns) the hearers in II Timothy 2:14. 

For a good example of someone who survived a catastrophe, let’s look at the life of Noah. One would almost think he lived in our times, for his day is described in this way: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually… the earth was filled with violence” (Genesis 6:5,11). Jesus said that the same conditions would be evident when He returns again (Matthew 24:37-39). So the Bible is up-to-date! 

How did Noah survive the catastrophe of the Flood? 
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The Apostles were suddenly “thrown in at the deep end,” having witnessed the death of their leader, his resurrection, and then on the day of his ascension, his command to stay in the city until they received “power from on high.” They knew that something would happen, but had no details or accurate grasp of the IMPACT that this promised event would have on them – or on humanity!

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 Noah's Blogs 

The Law of First Mention by Peter Wade
One of the principles of interpretation of the Bible is the law of first mention. Dr. F.E. Marsh (a Baptist pastor) in his excellent work The Structural Principles of the Bible, defines it this way: “The first time a word occurs in the Scriptures gives the key to understand its meaning in every other place.” 

10 Things You Can Learn From Noah's Ark  (Author Unknown)
#7 For safety’s sake, travel in pairs!


Pressed Beyond Measure
by John L. Bird
Pressed out of measure and pressed to all length. 
Pressed so intensely it seems beyond strength.
Pressed in the body, pressed in the soul, pressed in the mind till the dark surges roll;
Pressure by foe and pressure from friends, pressure on pressure till life nearly ends.
Pressed into knowing no helper but God.
Pressed into loving the staff and the rod.
Pressed into liberty where nothing clings. Pressed into faith for impossible things,
Pressed into living a life in the Lord. Pressed into living a Christ-life out-poured.
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