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Men of Honor Registration - DEADLINE: TODAY!

Registration for the 2015 Men of Honor Leadership Institute will close by midnight tonight, December 1st!  Remember that all Chapters are required to send at least one representative.  If a representative is not present, the Chapter will not receive the Tier 0 MCS point and will receive a 10% surcharge on next year's insurance bill.

This year's program will run from January 8th through 11th and will be held again at the Marist Brothers Retreat Center in Esopus, NY.  Register today using the link below.  Make sure to have your username and password ready!  If you do not know your username, please contact the International Headquarters.  

The Importance of Risk Management

Phi Kappa Sigma was founded by Samuel Brown Wylie Mitchell on August 16, 1850 to be more than an organization to be a part of during college; it is a valuable learning experience, a life-long commitment, and philosophy of life.  Whether we like it or not, managing risk in our chapters is part of who and what we are as a Fraternity.  We urge you to regularly visit our page on on how to properly Manage Risk in your Chapter.  Sections on this page include...
  • The Phi Kappa Sigma Risk Management Policy
  • Risk Management Manual
  • Insurance Coverage and Allocation Information
  • Member Accident Protection Program (MAPP) Brochure
Remember, your conduct not only affects your personal reputation, but the reputation of your Brothers, your Chapter, and the entire International Fraternity as well.  All members take an oath to uphold certain ideals and it is up to all of us to make sure that we, and those who come after us, learn and understand what it is to be a true “Phi Kap” and “Man of Honor” and incorporate that into our Chapters and into our lives.

Tips for Vacations and Winterizing

Security and Property Loss Prevention are particularly important when the chapter house will be unoccupied.  If totally unoccupied, the house should be fully secured and regularly checked.  Early discovery of damage avoid larger losses.  For more information, click on the Winter Break Checklist.

1) Claims Do Occur During Vacation Periods: 
Improve chapter house security during the vacation months.  Be aware of potential fire or property damage claims that may result from unoccupancy
2) Extreme Weather Conditions: Plan regular property supervision when extreme weather (snow, ice, etc.) develop.  Regular inspections with minimize frozen pipe and water damage losses and prevent minor damage problems.
3) Heating and Mechanical Systems: Plan to maintain heat and check that it is being maintained in the house by regular inspections during periods of unoccupancy or extreme weather conditions.  Schedule annual inspections of all chapter house heating and mechanical systems.
4) Shut Off and Drain Domestic Water Supply: This should be done when the chapter house is unoccupied for an extended period or for short periods during extreme weather.  Contact a qualified plumber for assistance.
5) Use Wood Burning Fire Places with Extreme Care: Have the chimney cleaned periodically and do not use flammable liquid to start the fire.  Keep the fireplace enclosed when in use.
6) Do Not Allow the Use of Portable Heaters: Contact a qualified HVAC contractor to inspect, service, and/or repair you chapter house heating system on a regular basis. 

Phi Kappa Sigma would like to wish all of our undergraduate Brothers a safe and happy holiday season!
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