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This month we will reach the final seminar in our series on the book of Revela­tion. We are re­minded that our dear Lord Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Begin­ning and the End (Rev. 22:13). What­ever He has begun, He will com­plete (Phil. 1:6). He is the Author of our salva­tion and also its Per­fecter (Heb. 12:2).

You are warmly invited to join us for the
of the book of Revelation
on the Lord's Day, 6th August

The seminars will take place in five locations in London:

and the Amana Trust Bookshop
at Kings Cross,


This month we will also be having a seminar in the city of

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The book of Revelation shows us that He will not only finish His per­sonal work of sal­vation in each one of us, but, much more, He will fully con­sum­mate His eter­nal pur­pose. Ephesians 3:9-11 tells us that God’s eternal purpose was hidden in God through­out the ages but has now been revealed to us. Never­theless, many believers today are still not clear as to what God’s eter­nal pur­pose is, and we limit His pur­pose to our per­sonal experi­ence of sal­vation. The book of Revela­tion, however, as the con­clusion of the Scriptures, offers us a unique perspec­tive through which to see the consum­mation of God’s pur­pose, God’s will, through­out the Scriptures (Rev. 4:11). 
In the first chapter of Life-study of Revelation, Brother Witness Lee points out that 
as the last book of the Bible, Revela­tion is the conclu­sion, comple­tion, and consum­mation of the entire divine revela­tion, the whole Bible. The Bible needs such a con­clusion...In our travels, we often are not clear about the way, the road, until we have reached our destina­tion. After we have reached our destina­tion and look back upon the way we have taken, we become very clear. In Revela­tion we arrive at the destina­tion of the whole Bible. Having arrived at this destina­tion, we can under­stand this divine Book.” (Life-study of Revelation, ch. 1)

So what do we see when we arrive at the conclu­sion, the ulti­mate destina­tion, of the Bible? John was taken to a high mount­ain, to a heavenly place, to see some­thing eter­nal, some­thing heavenly.

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Please join us for the glorious conclusion of our study of the book of Revelation this month. Click here for more information on this series of seminars.

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