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December 2016

Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,

The response to the seminars offered at the Amana Trust Bookshop on Lord's Day afternoons has been very encouraging, and as always, you are warmly invited to join us! In this issue, we would like to feature testimonies from two radio broadcast listeners who attended the bookshop seminars and subsequently enrolled in a One-week Training offered by Amana Trust at our Bower House location in Romford. These One-week Trainings are an opportunity for believers from all across Europe to come together and enjoy the riches of God’s word, grow in life, be equipped to speak the truth, and be built together in Christ. We are delighted to share with our readers these encouraging experiences and heart-warming testimonies.

It's like I'm on a journey right now heading towards the Body of Christ.

- Lou from Wembley

"I was a seeking Christian, and at a certain point I really went to the Lord and said, 'Lord, I need more. I'm just not satisfied.' I was going to church on Sunday, but it had become just a ritual. It seemed that there was something missing. I said to the Lord, 'So what now?' I have always enjoyed listening to Witness Lee on Premier radio, and one day as I was in the kitchen listening to the radio program, I heard it announced that they were having a seminar on the Bible. Something in my spirit jumped like leaping for joy! So, I attended one of the seminars. They were talking about the book of Revelation, and it was so eye opening. I was in awe. All the questions that I had were being answered one after another. 

As I considered coming here to the one-week training, I told the Lord, 'Wherever You want me to go, I'm ready.' Coming here this week is like a miracle. Question after question has been answered. Before, I didn't know what to say when I spoke to people. But now I know that it's the truth I need which leads to life. This life produces the church and bears the responsibility to preach the gospel. It's like I'm on a journey right now heading towards the Body of Christ. I'm also so excited to hear about the home groups because I've always said to the Lord that my home is open whenever You're ready."

He is the Head, we are part of the Body, and this has become a living. 

- Johan from Tottenham

"Last week I went to a seminar at the Amana Trust bookshop in Central London for the first time. My intention was only to go to the bookshop, but while I was there, a brother informed me that there was a seminar in progress and that the topic was the book of Revelation. It was because of that time in the seminar that I signed up to come to this one-week training. This week has been a revelation. Revelation has now become a living experience.

This week has opened my eyes fully to the gospel, brought me to the truth, and the truth has revealed a light. I came from somewhere where I was captured within the framework of religion. The knowledge was there, but I was trapped by it. However, this week I experienced the recovery process of the gospel. We really are all one in Christ. He is the Head, we are part of the Body, and this has become a living.

In my Christian life, I had become lifeless like the Dead Sea. I had a lot of biblical knowledge, but now I see that we need to experience the flow of living water! I can only thank the living God for what He has done for me. He has even made me a part of His Body. The only way I can describe it is that it's like a miracle. However, I'm still in the process of transformation, and there are still a lot of things I don't find easy. This was a totally different environment, but it is a living environment."

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Ministry Excerpts

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