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June 2017

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Last month we shared with you about one of the most startling discoveries in the New Testament: the wonderful practice of the believers meeting from house to house. Early believers met and broke bread in their homes (Acts 2:46), announced the gospel in their homes (5:42), and prayed together in their homes (12:12). In addition to these examples in the book of Acts, many wonderful examples abound in the New Testament gospels regarding the sweet, loving atmosphere in the homes where the Lord Jesus, His disciples, and many others gathered together.


These early examples of meeting together in homes have been a pattern to the believers over the centuries and continue to be an encouraging pattern to us today. It is the testimony of many Christians, past and present, that when they follow in this way of opening their homes for fellowship and the preaching of the gospel, there is often no greater joy! The incredible effects of these home meetings, both on the ones opening their homes and on those invited, can be immeasurable and even life-changing. A nineteenth century brother, George Müller, testified that his own life was dramatically changed and that he was gained by the Lord after being in the home of a believer who had opened his home for fellowship and the preaching of the gospel. In his autobiography, Brother Müller relates that after being in this home meeting, “it was to me as if I had found something after which I had been seeking all my life long...That evening was the turning point of my life.”


In his book entitled Fellowship Concerning the Urgent Need of the Vital Groups, Witness Lee discusses the need for believers today to open their homes and to enter into the real fellowship that ushers in the mutual love for one another:  

“We might have met in the same locality with certain saints for years without knowing their name or the name of their spouse. This is not real fellowship. We are merely 'skating on the ice'. We never got through the ice to the bottom of the water. This time in the group meetings the fellowship should be first ice-cutting and then ice-removing. Then all of us need to dive into the current to know one another thoroughly. This is the real fellowship. The real love is here. If we do not know one another, we cannot love one another. We cannot love anything that we do not know. But the more we know one another in the proper way, the more we will love one another.

“If we all are cold, even if we are able to get someone saved, that one will be the same as we are...Therefore, we must cut the ice, remove the ice, and throw the ice away until we get into the water and swim there and get to the bottom in knowing one another. Then, when we gain the new ones, all the new ones will be the same as we are. Otherwise, the church will have no way. We need to know one another; then we can love one another.” 


If you would like to participate in a meeting in the home of a believer near you or open your home for a meeting, please use the form below to give us your contact details. Also, if you would like to join a group by phone or by skype, please let us know.

Please click here to complete the online request form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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