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A new season is approaching, and we are pleased to invite you to join us on a journey through the Gospel of John. Seminars and weekly Bible studies in London will be focusing on this beloved book for the next three months. Also, don't miss a very special two-day event of fellowship at Bower House on 14-15 October.

We are pleased to announce the
of the Gospel of John
across London on
Saturday, 9th September


Mark these dates in your diary for more seminars this month: 
  • 10 September - Leeds
  • 24 September - Sheffield
  • 30 September - London (multiple locations)
Please click here for more information and a full list of events for the next three months.
Do you love the Gospel of John? This question hardly necessitates an answer. So many believers treasure the Gospel of John for its beautiful simplicity and approachability. Verses from John's writings have been inscribed into us: "For God so loved the world..." (3:16), "I have come that they may have life..." (10:10), "I am the resurrection and the life..." (11:25). These verses are so familiar and beloved to us, but there is a profundity behind the simple language of John that we might miss if we do not see the central thought of the Gospel of John.

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In Him
was life,
and the life
was the
light of
John 1:4
Since v. 3 refers to the creation in Gen. 1, life here should refer to the life signified by the tree of life in Gen. 2. This is confirmed by the fact that in Rev. 22 John mentions the tree of life. Since life is in Him, He is life (11:25; 14:6), and He came that man might have life (10:10b). The introduction to this Gospel is composed of this entire chapter; it begins with life (v. 4) and ends with building (vv. 42, 51), that is, with the house of God. Hence, it is an introduction to life and building.

Footnote from John 1:4Recovery Version of the New Testament
from our current
Radio Programme
Enjoy portions from the written Life-studies that focus on the enjoyment of the divine life as revealed in the Scriptures.
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