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Our journey through the Gospel of John is coming to a close with a special all-day seminar on Saturday, 11 November at the Redbridge Town Hall in Ilford, London. 

During this time, we will explore nine cases presented by the apostle John. In the Life-study of John, Witness Lee says, “Although the Lord might have dealt with thousands of human cases, John selected only nine of them to illustrate how the Lord as life could and still can meet the need of every human case” (p. 91).

We are very happy that many of you have joined us for our new series of seminars on the Gospel of John. We still have more events coming up, so please click here for full details of our events.

If you have been unable to join our events in person, please use the links below to access and enjoy this ministry on the Gospel of John and other books of the Bible. 

This Month's
Featured Book

Life-study of John

“If you want to know the meaning of the Bible, you cannot stay away from the Gospel of John. The key to the whole Bible is in this book.”
Life-study of John, Message 1
Join us for
Life-study of the Bible
with Witness Lee
Life-study of the Bible is a book-by-book commentary on the Scriptures. In listening to Life-study of the Bible, we anticipate that you would be brought into a deeper enjoyment of the Scriptures and of our dear and precious Lord Jesus.

Man’s Condition and Need
After the principle of life and the purpose of life have been set forth in John chapter two, from chapter three through chapter eleven the writer then relates nine cases to prove the principle of life set forth in the first sign in chapter two...These nine cases portray the true conditions of all men. These conditions speak for man’s need, which only the Lord as life can fully meet.

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Jehovah’s Charge for the Building of God’s House
In His charge Jehovah told the people to consider their ways and to go up to the mountain and bring wood and build the house, and He would take pleasure in it and would be glorified (Hag. 1:7-8). Today our gospel preaching is our gathering of material for the building of God’s house.

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