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September 18, 2015
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The Joint Fire Science Program provides funding for research that addresses managing wildland fuels, fires, and fire-impacted ecosystems. Open Funding Opportunity Notices are now posted for researchers conducting related scientific studies that will be completed within the next three years!

Research topics include:

1. Implications of changing ecosystems in selected regions
2. Social and regulatory barriers and facilitators to implementing prescribed fire
3. Maintenance and restoration of sagebrush habitat in the Great Basin
4. Effects of fire on tree mortality
5. Post-fire landscape management
6. Regional needs - Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientist Season of prescribed burning to reach management objectives
7. Regional needs - Oak Woodlands and Forest Fire Consortium Prescribed fire effects on wood products
8. Regional needs - Southern Fire Exchange Prescribed fire smoke emissions

Additional research topics are available for graduate students, including:

  • Climate change and fire (e.g., fire behavior, fire effects, fire regime)
  • Post-fire recovery (e.g., effects of burn severity, treatment effectiveness)
  • Smoke or emissions assessments
  • Fire weather
  • Social issues and fire (e.g., community preparation, transfer and use of science, public perceptions, fire-adapted communities)

View the Funding Opportunity Notices for more information, as well as a few more options for specialized research topics.

Top 10 Reminders
1. Read the FON carefully; pay close attention to the requirements section.
2. Use the check requirements button on the details tab and the submit tab.
3. All contacts must be added on contacts tab by the PI - to be added they must have a profile.
4. Obtain a profile by clicking the new user registration link on sign-in page.
5. Profiles and passwords must be done by program office staff during office hours. This can take up to 24 hours (or longer on weekends/holidays), don't wait until the last minute to request. 
6. You can start a proposal and save it and submit it later.
7. Your budget contact and agreements contact must sign-in and certify they have reviewed the budget before the PI can submit. The PI must add them on the contacts tab in this role for them to do this. 
8. Passwords expire every 60 days whether you have signed in or not. 
9. Make sure you attach the correct document before you submit your proposal.
10. Do NOT wait until the last minute to submit - there is no exception to the closing date and time. 
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