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May 28, 2015
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Introducing SRFSN's New
Barriers and Benefits to Prescribed Fire Video Series:

  - A series of short videos including interviews with field personnel, scientists, and managers about the benefits and successes of using prescribed fire to achieve management objectives, as well as obstacles in implementation.

Using prescribed fire as a management tool is a prominent issue in the Southern Rockies region. We offer this series as a way to share local recommendations, challenges, and successes in a variety of settings to enhance discussion and education about prescribed fire.

 "Barriers and Benefits: The Wapiti Burn" 

The Wapiti Burn is the first video released in our series. This burn was implemented outside of Boulder, Colorado on the Heil Ranch Open Space and  involved extensive community outreach, challenges burning chips, and organizing large crews of volunteers.
Benefits and Barriers to Prescribed Fire: The Wapiti Burn 

Key Points and Take-Away Messages:
  • Challenges and Lessons Learned - discussion on chips/masticated fuels: (4:15)
  • Burn Boss Recommendations: (5:27)
  • Comparisons of Wildfire vs. Prescribed Fire: (7:55)
We invite you to watch this short 10-minute video, stay tuned for future releases in the series (next vid: the Norbeck Section 2 Fire in South Dakota).

AND.... check out the 
LANDFIRE and STARFire Hotspots that are included at the bottom of this announcement.  We welcome your feedback posts on our YouTube channel.
NEW Hotspot!! Click to learn more about LANDFIRE, the Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools Program.   
STARFIRE is a software system that combines fire affected values, burn potential, and management costs to produce risk assessments, fuel treatment optimization, smoke analysis, and a preparedness assessment. These outcomes are then combined to generate a Return on Investment value for treatment alternatives.
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