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Beneath the Southern Cross we call upon the National Deva, "Australis".
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Under Desert Stars   Uluuru & Kata Tjuta     10th  â€“ 17th July, 2014
You are invited to join a group of friends for a Winter Retreat at Uluru and visiting Kata Tjuta in Australia’s heartland.  During July as the Sun moves through Cancer, we attune to the blue star Sirius, Lady Isis and the Heart of the World Mother.  Called by Maitreya’s Heart under southern skies, we gather to heal ourselves and attune to the Heart of Earth;  to enter the silence of the One Heart.

Beneath the Southern Cross we call upon our National Deva, “Australis”, to invoke Liberty for all.  In the midst of the Great Change as our earth is being transformed; we call upon the Divine Mothers to protect and cherish the Children of the Heart.

Together we will share and meditate; heal ourselves; sing around a campfire; co-operate with the Starry realms during the Cancer/Capricorn full moon; walk gently on the Earth, listen to Dreamtime stories; respond to Australia’s ancient songlines; open to the Extra Terrestrials and Angelic Host. As a group we will hold and strengthen the vision of our New Earth.

Expression of Interest  Companions Retreat - up to 7 people, including Chandra,this will be a more informal Retreat, with no additional costs for co-ordination.  However if more than 7 people register then additional leadership/coordination costs will be involved for this Larger Retreat.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining us and I will keep you in the loop. Our plan is to be at Uluru for the Full Moon on 12th July, however the Retreat end date is subject to change.  Feel free to forward this email to anyone who knows Chandra and who you think may be interested.
SACRED EARTH TOURS offers small group tours to sacred sites, providing opportunities to rejuvenate, rejoice, heal yourself and the earth.  Participation in spiritual practices and sacred Earth Healing are integral to this and all other Tours. (This particular Tour is only open to personal friends of Chandra. Itinerary subject to change/ cancellation.)
"Walking gently together upon the Earth to sacred Sites"
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Artwork:  Henning Klibo's World of Maitreya
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