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Under Desert Stars:  Central Australia Spiritual Retreat - 9th - 19th April, 2015;
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Spiritual Retreats 
5 days: 9th - 13th April, 2015           11 days: 9th - 19th April, 2015  

walking gently together on the earth to sacred sites
Her Red Heart
"Returning, to Mother Dreamtime, Her Red Heart callling me. Voices from an ancient time, echo timelessly.  Returning, feet on sacred skin, Her heartbeat loud and clear.  The time has come, the time has come, Her Red Heart calls to me.  Returning unto open arms, red breast laid bare and free. Ancient rivers, salted lakes, Her Red Heart calling me. Returning unto salted veins, no tree or leaf abide. Sun dapples o'er Her body bright, Her Red Heart calls to me. Returning, touching, blood red skin, soft tears upon Her land. Clouds caress, as deserts glow, Her Red Heart calling me.  Returning, 'neath Australis, southern stars, Cross rests heavenly.  Seven sisters calling, calling, calling endlessly."
We honour the aboriginal people, custodians of this sacred land of Central Australia, and their ancestors -
Anangu Pitjantjatjara people of Uluru; Luritja, Ulpinyali and Lilla people from Western Desert;  Arrernte people from the Larrapinta trail and Mparntw.
You are invited to join Chandra Easton and Arjuna Govinda on a Spiritual Retreats to Central Australia in April 2015. In Australia’s heartland, under southern skies and desert stars, as the Sun moves through Aries, we gather to heal ourselves and our country. There are two tours to choose from - 5 days within the Uluru & Kata Tjuta National Park.  Or you may prefer the longer 11 day tour, which also includes Kings Canyon, Alice Springs and the West MacDonnell Ranges. 
Sacred Retreats heal: This Sacred Earth Tour is both an outer journey and inner vision quest. Australia's Red Heart holds the power to heal and reconnect us to soul and Spirit.  When we consciously enter the stillness and silence of the desert our hearts sigh. Sometimes past lifetimes emerge for healing or future inspirations arise; the deep peace of the desert touches all.  During this retreat, which is both meditative and physically active, a time of renewal awaits us. 
Participation in sacred ceremony helps deepen our connection to the Spirit of this Land. Together we will walk gently on the Earth, as we connect to Australia’s ancient songlines and feel the Heart of this great land. Ceremonial Earth Healing creates opportunities for us to commune with the ancestors, Star Beings, angels, Spirit of the Rock and our National Deva – Australis. Participation in sacred ceremony sanctifies us and the earth, helping to lift Australia to a new vibration.  Request Itinerary - Chandra
Companions on our Under Desert Stars journey at Kata Tjuta in July 2013.
5 Day Tour program    9th - 13th April, 2015
Uluru, Kata Tjuta
  • Sunset & sunrise at Uluru
  • Base Walk around the Rock
  • Visit Anangu Community Centre
  • Kantju & Mutitju Waterholes
  • Earth healing at Kata Tjuta
  • Valley of the Winds - sacred healing
  • Central Desert stars -star gazing
  • Tour completes at Yalara - morning of 14th April

11 Day Tour  program continues:  9th - 19th April, 2015
also includes Kings's Canyon, Alice Springs &
West MacDonnell Ranges
  • Kings Canyon Rim walk
  • Sunset over Carmichael's Crag
  • Earth Healing at King's Canyon
  • Henbury Meteorite site
  • Cultural precinct Alice Springs
  • Albert Namatjira Gallery
  • Earth Healing in Alice Springs
  • Walk Simpson's Gap
  • Swim at Ellery Creek Big Hole
  • Visit the Ochre pits
  • Sacred ceremony at Serpentine Gorge
  • Visit Glen Helen Gorge
  • Tour completes in Alice Springs  - evening of19th April
Chandra has travelled to many sacred sites around the world to heal herself, release past lives and collaborate with the Spirit/Devas to assist in the sanctification of Earth. For more than 25 years she has worked as a spiritual healer and group leader. During this journey, which is a vision quest, participants will be supported on their journey.  When we reverently enter sacred sites, deeper aspects of ourselves arise for healing. As we step through the veil into Earth's Light Body, Her sacred, mythical landscape opens to receive us. Chandra's clairvoyance guidance, supports your entry into Australia's Red Heart.

Arjuna (Greg Govinda), has a background in education, eastern philosophy, holistic psychotherapy, laughter yoga and the mystic path. He travels as a musician, singing sacred healing songs and facilitating awakening to spirit.  Arjuna  from Journey of the Heart has created, with Chandra's lyrics, Spirit of the Olgas  Other music videos by Arjuna
Chandra's clairvoyant reflections, poems and musings of visits over the years to a few of Earth's sacred sites, including some Australian sites.  Facebookphoto album  To receive the Itinerary email Chandra
walking gently together on the earth to sacred sites      
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