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Update - May 2015


News / Olds:


After a couple of months off we spent Sunday afternoon in the rehearsal studios revising for the next few shows. It's often hard to get back into the swing after a break, but this time things were sounding good pretty much from the word go. This one was just the five of us, but next weekend we'll be joined on drums by Nigel Appleton, who will once again be gracing us for the Saturday night show at The Stables.

On which note...

We've been wondering what theme to give the Friday Stables show this year and in honour of the 1977 mantra have decided to make it Your Show ("...it's your show")!

After receiving a couple of requests, we decided that for this gig only we'd give you, the audience, the opportunity to dedicate a song to someone special in the auditorium. It's not going to be a request night, as such, because we've already decided what songs we're going to play, but if you'd like Terry to let his wit loose on your loved ones, send us an email saying who it is, and why you think they're special.

If you want to connect the dedication to a particular song, feel free to say what, but bear in mind that...

a) On Saturday we'll be doing our double drum 1977 show (so don't waste your request asking for Afterglow, for example!), and
b) If, along with every other guy in the room, you'd like to dedicate Ripples to your girlfriend you may not get what you want (or have some explaining to do...)

Make it light-hearted please (it's supposed to be fun!). If we get overwhelmed we'll obviously have to pick and choose, so the funnier / stranger you can make it the more likely it'll get aired.

Oh, and Terry's asked me to say the sooner you get your dedications in the better, as he won't be taking any on the night!




What's on in the next month:

The first important news is that The Stables have sold out of seats, and are now down to just a small number of standing tickets. So, if you aren't coming then (or just can't stand up for 2 1/2 hours!), then your last chance to see us this spring will be:

The Key Theatre, Peterborough
on Saturday 23rd May 2015 at 7:30pm

Tickets £19.50 (includes booking fee)

We haven't actually decided what to play in Peterborough yet (feel free to make requests!), but it'll be a different set from the ones the following weekend, and will most likely be a favourites (sort of a greatest hits) selection from Trespass through to Wind & Wuthering.

If you do like standing, you might still be able to get along to The Stables a week later:

The Stables, Wavendon
on Friday 29th & Saturday 30th May 2015 at 8:00pm

Standing tickets only £16.50

And after those:

In the autumn we've got another half dozen shows booked so far. The old favourites include Canterbury, Tavistock and Sevenoaks.

After a very successful gig last year we're delighted to return to Norwich, and have added Haslemere and Frome (yes we've been there before, but not for many years).

Bilston and Redhill are already scheduled for 2016.

You can find full details on the Show Dates page of our website.


And finally:

Bass & 12-String position:

In the January Update we told you about Dave's Parkinsons disease, and how we'll be looking for a replacement when the time comes for him to step down. He's actually doing pretty well at the moment, so we haven't rushed ahead with the process. We are, however, collecting names and contacts for people who would be interested in auditioning in due course.

If you would like to put yourself (or someone else!) forward for the post, please send us an email with some info about yourself and your playing experience and we can take it from there.

The DVD:

It's taken a long time (sometimes life just gets in the way), but we're in the closing stages of producing the DVD from last year's Stables gigs. There are still a couple of technical issues to work through, but we're hoping to have it ready for this year's shows at the end of May. Quality control can't be rushed, however, so no promises about the schedule, but we'll do our best!

If you'd like to be added to the list of people being notified on its release, please let us know.

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