An Amazing Week with Mision San Pablo
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God is so good!  He always knows exactly what we need and exactly the right time for us to have it.  Last week was one of those weeks where we received a love gift from the King, one that deeply touched our lives and came at the exact moment in time that we needed it!
I (David) must admit that several months ago I was struggling with a number of things in regards to the ministry.  Serving in such a difficult community, trying to help and serve a difficult people group, all while trying to raise a family and be a good husband / father can easily takes it's toll on us.  I remember clearly thinking a few months back as I was looking at my calender that late March / early April was going to be a bit challenging as we were set to host 2 rather large teams. I honestly have to admit that part of me dreaded it and wanted to run and hide.  However, today I can also honestly say that looking back, hosting both of these teams was exactly what we needed to keep pushing forward in our ministry here in Guatemala!

In our last news, I wrote about the amazing things that God did through the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministries team and how through serving them, we began to get a glimpse of things to come in our ministry. Well, last week we got to host another group of heaven minded world changers from Mision San Pablo of the church Amigos de Tuxtepec (Mexico).  This was our first team from Mexico that we have ever hosted and boy did they make quite the impression on us and Guatemala! Right from the moment they arrived, it was clear that this group had been preparing for a long time for this trip and that they were here with a clear bring Heaven to Guatemala! I will never forget the day that they arrived.  It was around 4pm (after 2 days of driving) and as soon as they entered The Nucleus (our ministry home), they put their stuff down and asked how soon can we get back into the van and head out for ministry!  I was stunned and yet excited / energized at the same time!

On one of the days, we were in Antigua ministering to people in the central park.  We worshiped and prayed for quite a while before the team started breaking off to talk with and pray with people who had been watching nearby.  I felt in my heart a lot of anticipation that something big was going to happen so I began walking around interceding as I often do for the people, especially the ones that the team was speaking with. On one occasion, I saw a guy who had some obvious issues with his feet (he was paralyzed at his ankles) and another guy who had been injured and was using crutches.  About 30 minutes after seeing them both pass by, I saw the guy in crutches suddenly walking normally and carrying his crutches on his shoulders! When I saw him, I knew that someone had just prayed for him, so I investigated.  It was during my search for the team member that prayed for him that I discovered that the paralyzed man had also been prayed for and had mobility completely restored to his feet! Wow! Then, a little while later I began to see some of the members of the team talked to some of the high school students that passed through the park.Within minutes they each hard a large groups of students with them and shortly after that, a great portion of those students prayed with the team and gave their lives to Jesus!  

This is just a glimpse of the things that the Lord did during this last week with the team.  We also spent a great deal of time serving the youth and children of the bus terminal as well as the men and women who are enslaved in prostitution in La Linea. The team also moved very powerfully in worship in every place we went.  It was incredible seeing how the spiritual atmosphere would shift in the place we were at the moment that they began to play the guitar and sing!  

God is just so amazing!  Despite the initial hesitation (based completely on fear) I felt in my heart, He gave us the strength to move past our fears and overwhelmingly blessed us and the many people in Guatemala that we work with! Despite having served in missions for over 12 years now, I am still discovering on daily basis the great honor we have to serve Him in this beautiful country!  God really is so good!
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