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We are missionaries in Guatemala who desire to see God manifest himself in all areas of society. Our heart is in the restoration of broken people living on the streets as well as in the discipleship of the local church in Central America.

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Greetings from a very green and still somewhat wet Houston, TX!  It has been quite a while since our last email communication as we have taken a time over the last month to rest from the ministry and spend some very important time together as a family. Before beginning this trip to the US, we realized that it had been about 3 years since we last took and actual time to rest and do memorable things together as a family. For us, this is an important value that we want to give to our children to learn to enjoy one another, to never get too busy for family time, and to always be looking for opportunities to form memories together.  

In order to make this value a reality, we decided to take a 3 week trip around the eastern part of the US to visit friends, family, and do some tourism stuff (that also happened to fall right in line with this year's home school curriculum). Our first stop was to Florida, where we spent some restful and very quality time with some dear friends of ours.  There, we got to go to Legoland and all act like little kids.  It is amazing how theme parks can make an adult suddenly look like a child.... Legoland certainly did not disappoint!  We then went up to North Carolina to visit family that we have not seen in a very long time.  It was here that I realized some things about our family's history that I had never seen before. Reading old newspaper clippings and hearing stories from family members made us really proud to be Voncannons and to serve the Lord with that name in Guatemala.  

After North Carolina, we then became tourists and visited Colonial Williamsburg and Washington, DC.  It was so amazing to be able to grab a glimpse and a small experience of the amazing heritage of our country!  As we walked the mall in Washington, walked through the old colonial village of Williamsburg, and walked through the Smithsonian Institutes, we often found ourselves in awe of all that God has done for our nation and through our nation to bless this world.  

After Washington, we found ourselves visiting an old town that I lived in as a child, Chesapeake, VA and got to visit some friends who once served with us in Guatemala!  It was here that we got to go strawberry picking, watch donuts get made (and eat them hot), and just play in parks.  Though we only spent a few days here, we had at least a weeks worth of fun! We then returned to North Carolina for a few days, before beginning our journey home by passing through Florida again for a few days.

One of the many things that God spoke to us during these 3 weeks was the importance to continue being purposeful in making memorable adventures happen with our children.  These are the things that bond a family together and give it the strength to make it through the storms that occasionally take place. We also learned a valuable lesson in hearing His precious voice.  So many times, when we seek direction on how to move forward, we get frustrated trying to hear Him as we are constantly looking ahead at the possibilities.  What God taught us on this trip is that sometimes, if we want to know where to take our next step, all we have to look is look into the past and see the journey that we have been blessed to be a part of.  Whether it is experiencing our nation's history, or learning about our own family's heritage, or just looking at our own life, we have realized that looking back can be just as valuable in understanding His plan as looking forward!  After all, the Bible (which is a great place to get direction from the Lord) is not just a Living Word, but it is also a historical account!  So maybe the next time you are struggling with hearing His voice, try looking back in time and see where He has already been guiding you and your family... you may just discover that you are already in the middle of your next step!
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