2 Amazing Weeks of Teaching! 
Greetings once again from Antigua, Guatemala! God is doing some great and mighty things in Guatemala as well as many places around Central America! Though it would be very difficult to share all that has been happening here in our ministry, we do find it honoring that we at least get to share little glimpses of what He is doing with our family & friends! We hope this this new edition of our news will bless you and encourage you!

Teaching Weeks in Guatemala City & El Salvador
Over the last few weeks, we have had the honor of serving the YWAM bases in Guatemala City and El Salvador by teaching in their Discipleship Training School (DTS) schools that are currently in session. Teaching and training the young people of today is one of our greatest passions, so when an opportunity comes to teach, whether it is here in Antigua, or at another base around Central America, we are very quick to make sure it happens!

The YWAM base in Guatemala City currently has 7 students (6 Guatemalans and 1 Honduran) in their DTS school and David had the privilege of teaching on the topic of Spiritual Warfare! We had the quite the week with these students and learned a great deal about the enemy, his kingdom, his strategies, and how those strategies affect us individually and corporately. We also learned quite a bit about ourselves as the Lord began to reveal areas in all of our lives where we had allowed the enemy a place to rule through us. This group of students were certainly a special group, one that we believe is going to have an immense impact on North Africa on their upcoming outreach phase of the school. We would like to invite everyone to join us in praying for them, for their finances, and for their courage to step out into a Muslim world and bring forth the light of the Kingdom!

The YWAM base in El Salvador currently has 6 students (3 El Salvador, 2 Nicaragua, 1 Columbia) in their DTS school. David got to teach them on the subject of Evangelism with the Holy Spirit. It was a very refreshing week with the students as we got to spend a lot of time sitting in His presence and allowing Him to teach us and challenge us. During one of the final classes where ministry through healing and prophetic words was taught, a nearby pastor came to the base as he was in need of some urgent prayer. He had recently been given a very bad report from a doctor and was suffering from a lot of pain and weakness. As we were praying for him, one of the students received a word from the Lord of some issues in his childhood that was still poisoning him today. At first he could not think of anything, but then another word came from someone else about his childhood and quickly a memory came to his mind of a terrible situation that happened to him as a little boy. We then began to pray with him as he began to forgive not only the person who had hurt him, but himself as well. With that, tears began to flow from his eyes as he began to not just forgive, but also repent of some habitual sins that he had allowed into his life since that day. As we finished praying, you could see a very different look on his face as he not only felt substantially better physically, but emotionally & spiritually as well! We then began to speak words of life to him (prophetic words) and allowed the Holy Spirit to use these words to give him the very “kisses from heaven” that he had been longing for. The next day we received a report from him that he was definitely feeling much better and was at full strength once again! Praise the Lord for what He did through the students of the DTS for this pastor! God is so good!

"A Honeymoon with God"
In closing, we want to announce our next DTS school that will be beginning in February 2017. We are expecting great things from God in this time as He has continuously been showing us that this next school is going to be about “Intimacy” and "Going on a Honeymoon with God". This excites us a lot as watching young people get romanced by the Creator of the Universe is extremely touching and to see them respond to His love is priceless! We are currently accepting applications for the school and would love for you to join us in praying for the students who will be coming, as well as for the teachers who have already committed to helping us in this school! If you are interested in many participating in the school and would like more information about the school, please get in contact with us!