Experiencing Missions as a Family! 
Greetings again from a very green Antigua! Rainy season has finally gotten going here in Guatemala, which means beautiful, sunny, and clear mornings and afternoons / evenings filled with rain showers. One thing that we have learned about living in a surrounding town of Antigua that is different than the City is that the roads flood much easier, creating temporary rivers down any road heading downhill (since we live at the base of a volcano, this creates a lot of adventures for us!). 

Teams, Teams, Teams
One thing that we knew when we came on staff with YWAM Antigua is that June was going to be a very busy month with teams. Other than the first few days of this month, we are scheduled to have at least 2 groups living together on the base throughout the month. At times, it seems quite chaotic around here, but for the most part, we are loving having so many people joining us in bring His love and hope to this amazing nation! Another thing that we are loving about having all these teams around is the opportunities that we have as a family to serve the base and the teams. Whether it is cooking, cleaning, translating, driving, leading outreach groups, and just spending quality time with the teams, we are finding that our ministry is not just "David & Juli" but the "Voncannon family" as William, Nathaniel, and Ariela are also getting involved with the groups. 

Nathaniel's Story of Healing
Last week a great friend of ours, Cecil, was here leading one of the groups that came to serve with us. One one of the first days, Cecil was playing soccer and hurt his calf and was having a hard time walking around. Nathaniel noticed his limp and asked what was wrong. After Cecil explained to him what had happened, Nathaniel came to me and told me that he was going to bring his Bible that he had drawn and was going to read it to Cecil so that he would get healed. So the next day, Nathaniel brought his little hand drawn Bible and read it to Cecil before finally praying for him. Cecil told us later that he was very touched by Nathaniel and his faith and in fact, did experience a significant improvement in the pain that he had been experiencing! Thank you Jesus for not only inspiring Nathaniel, but showing us all that God wants to move through each and every one of us to bring His Kingdom to Earth as it is in Heaven.

Construction on the New YWAM Base
I want to finish this quick news update with a petition for prayer about the base's building project. One of the dreams of our base director has been for the ministry to be free from having to pay rent for the house of the YWAM base. Last year, the base was able to purchase a property nearby to begin the process of making this dream a reality. Since then, the new building has slowly come along and the expectation was that we would move in during the month of June. However, what was unexpected is that there began to develop some issues with the architect that has ultimately caused us to temporarily stop the work and re-evaluate the process that is needed to complete the project. This obviously delays our ability to move into the building, which needed to happen before the end of June as our lease will come to an end. We are now daily coming together to pray and discuss solutions as to how to complete the project. This has been a great process for us over the last few weeks in terms of coming together as a team, however, it is also a bit stressful and challenging as we now have limited funding and little experience in completing such a project. Therefore, I would like to ask for you all to be praying for us that we would all be filled with His Wisdom, have His Perspective, and experience daily His Provision as we together move towards the completion of this project!

Thank You!
In closing, we once again want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to pray for us, to encourage us, to serve with us, and to financial give into our work! We are so blessed to have many people behind our work. We know without a doubt, that none of this could be possible without each and every one of you! We also weekly strive to pray for each and every one of you and would love to hear from you all more specifically as to how we can partner with you in prayer! So if anyone has any prayer requests, please write back and let us know!  Again, thank you all so much!