He is a Light Unto Our Feet.... 
"Your word is a lamp for my feet,
    a light on my path." Psalm 119:1-5

Good morning once again from our beloved Antigua, Guatemala! We hope that this newsletter finds everyone doing well! God is so good to us and our prayer is always that He will continue to be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path! (Psalm 119:105). As I begin this news report, I feel that many need a word of encouragement this week. “You are not alone, You are not forgotten, You are right in the middle of an incredible work of art that God is painting.”

Kids Clubs
Since our last news report, we have been very busy serving on the base in the area of the kid’s ministries. Twice a week, children come to the base for a time of games, songs, crafts, and of course, a lesson from the Word of God. Thursdays we also serve them a healthy snack to send their little tummies home full. We have not only enjoyed serving the children of the community, but the part we love most is that we get to do it as a family. All 5 of us are involved in the activities, sharing the love of Jesus in our own unique ways. I personally love doing the songs with the children as it is a great chance to act like a clown or a crazy kid and actually appear normal! (for those who have seen me do “La Mane” you know what I am talking about). Juli is often involved in organizing games for the children while Courtney and Carolina, also on staff at the base, often shares the story. Throughout all the activites, the kiddos are running around with the other children having fun and developing friendships.

A Blast from the Past
A few weeks ago we also had the privilege of having a DTS from YWAM Pachuca visit and serve with us at the base. Being that we live at the base, we definitely got to spend a lot of time with this team, both in ministry and just in every day life. One particular day we got to go out to the Central Park of Antigua for a time of evangelism. We partnered with another local evangelist who shared the gospel while the team did a few dramas and dances. We then got to walk around the park to chat with people. To our surprise, we ended up running into one of the boys that we once ministered to many years ago in a children’s home. In fact, we were his house parents along with about 10 other boys. What impressed me most about our encounter with him is how successful he had become! He is now living on his own, studying in the University, while also working as a photo journalist for one of the local newspapers! Looking through his Instagram account, it is incredible to see the eye he has for photos and the talent to capture the moment! We also found out that another one of the boys we once had living with us was getting ready to move to Florida on a full ride scholarship to attend one of the universities there! This particular boy was never very fond of learning and often fought us to do his homework. Now, he is heading off to deepen his education, and doing so on a hard earned scholarship! Wow! For Juli and I, it was a proud moment to see that the seeds we once planted many years ago in his life were not a waste, but were a part of the journey that God was taking him down!

Coming Up
This current month of May looks like it will reflect more like a “Calm before the Storm”. June and July are months that are scheduled to be very full of teams, meaning they will be extremely busy months for us. Meanwhile, May looks to be a month where we will spend a lot of time in prayer and continuing to serve the children’s ministries of the base (thus, the “Calm before the Storm” analogy). It is also going to be a key month for the August DTS. As it stands now, we only have 2 committed students and no committed full time staff. Being that this school is designed to be in a community and is a very intense school, we are feeling a bit uneasy about running the school in it’s current state. We are in need of both more students, and more full time staff. Thus, we have decided to spend this month praying and asking God to make clear to us His heart for this year’s DTS program. We would also like to ask you to join us in praying for His Kingdom come and His will to be done in the YWAM Antigua DTS program as it is in Heaven.