Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good!
“Give Thanks to the Lord, For He is Good. His Love Endures Forever” Psalm 136:1

Greetings again from Guatemala! Hard to believe that we are already into the middle of April, which for us means the end of our “summer / dry” season and the beginning of our “winter / rainy” season. This morning I have been reflecting on God’s goodness. He is so good! Just as the above scripture states, “give thanks to the Lord, for HE IS GOOD!” There is absolutely nothing we can do to change this truth!  All we need to do is live in it and it will cause us our faces to shine brightly, much like the face of Moses did after his incredible encounter with the goodness of God on the mountainside!

2 Weeks of Teaching!
As many of you who follow us on facebook and instagram are aware, I spent the last 2 weeks traveling to 2 different YWAM bases, teaching in their Discipleship Training School on Spiritual Warfare. I first went to San Miguel Chicaj, a small town located in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala where I got to teach to 4 students and several other members of their staff. All of the students and staff at this base are from the Achi tribe, which was a huge honor that I got to be a part of inspiring them to fight the good fight and live their lives in a way that shines His light in all circumstances! In a few weeks, they will begin their outreach phase of their school and will be getting on a plane (for the 1st time in their lives) and flying to Ecuador! I am really excited about what God is going to do through them there! Please be praying for them as some of the students are lacking the finances needed to make the outreach possible!

After teaching in San Miguel, I got to go to the YWAM base that is located in Bluefields, Nicaragua. They are currently in the 9 week of their 1st ever DTS and have 2 students, one from Nicaragua and the other from the US. Bluefields is a unique town in Nicaragua as it is home to 6 different cultures and ethnic groups! As we drove around town, it was very interesting how quickly the style of homes would change as we would enter a part of town where a different group would live. It is also a town where many backpackers come to visit for a few days, so there was also a lot of foreigners (mostly European) walking around the main square as well. In a few weeks, they too will be heading off for outreach. They are going to be going to Malaga for their outreach and praise the Lord, they already have the funds needed to go!  How exciting to see a DTS with all their funds this many weeks before their outreach begins!  God is really good!

In regards to my teaching on Spiritual Warfare, I have had a lot of people ask about what exactly I talk about as I teach on this rather complicated and seldom discussed topic in the church. I am hoping in the future to do a webinar on this, but for those who are interested, I do have my powerpoint online, which could give a general idea of what I talk about!  For those interested, here is the link.

Looking for a Home
Over the last few months, we have been living on the YWAM base. This was partially as a trial to see how it could work out, but it was also because we felt like God was telling us to wait on renting a home. For the most part, it has worked out well for us.  All 5 of us staying in one room throughout the week and then on the weekends, returning to our home in Guatemala City to rest and spread out! However, our spirits have been stirring recently to find a home to rent in Antigua, so now we are on the lookout for homes. We would love to invite you all to pray for us as we make this search. In particular, pray that we can find a home within a gated community so that the kids can be free to go outside and just run around and play with other children!

Giving Thanks!
In closing, we just want to express our thanks to everyone who has been praying for us this year and also for those who have given financially! As I have said for many years now, we cannot accomplish these dreams of God for Guatemala alone!  You are all an extremely vital part of our ministry team as we continue train youth and help them discover their God given purpose and calling to shine His light into all parts of the world!  So thank you!!!!