Bearing a Harvest of Good Fruit! 
"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples." John 15:7-8

Good afternoon from a beautiful and sunny Antigua, Guatemala! God is on the move in Guatemala and we are super excited that we get to share another news report with you about what He has done through us over this past month!

The Fall DTS Has Launched
On August 3, we had the joy of launching yet another DTS school at our YWAM base in Antigua, Guatemala! We have 7 students from 4 different nations (Guatemala, El Salvador, USA, Canada) and we also have a team of 3 other staff members to help us out! Before the DTS began, we as a staff were praying for what God wanted to do in this school and had a strong sense that He wants to take them on a journey into the depths of His presence so that as they cross over the bridge into the calling He has on their lives, that they will bear much fruit! We felt that He is going to draw each of us into such a deep level of intimacy that there will be no form of darkness that will be able to snuff the light of Christ out of us as we minister on outreach! For us, this is a very exciting word and a very exciting season for us as a family and ministry!

Week 1: Hearing God's Voice!
The first week of teaching was with a dear friend and spiritual leader of ours, Pastor Ken Smith, as he taught on Intimacy and Hearing God's Voice. Hearing His voice is such a key element in growing in our Intimacy with the Father and there is no better person to model it before the student than Pastor Ken. All week long, we were constantly challenged in spending time in His presence and hearing what He wanted to tell us!  It was beautiful and powerful all at the same time! 
On the last day of class, we went out to the streets to find God's treasures and minister the love of the Father with them! The only catch was to listen to His voice for clues as to where these people would be! So out we went and though we only got to be out for less than an hour, our DTS team was able to minister profoundly to 14 people that God specifically led us to! 
One of the stories that came back was from the group that David was with. They had felt God show them a "White man" and a "bike" near a "soccer field". As they approached where the local stadium was at, they saw a man that looked white from a distance who just happened to be riding a bike. As he approached, they realized that he was not exactly a "white" man, so they hesitated for a bit. However, as he reached where they were standing he actually stopped his bike to talk to them! So they started chatting with him and told him what they were doing. He seemed very pleased that he was someone that God was highlighting to them and as they finished the conversation they prayed with him to bless him and his business. At first glance, there was nothing supernatural about the moment... just that he fit the description they were looking for and actually stopped to talk to them, as opposed to them stopping him. But as he went away, they saw the miracle that God wanted to do in him. It was clear that as he rode away, that he was no longer downcast, rather he was now riding that bike with intention and a huge smile on his face. God took this man and gave him a jolt of encouragement that we believe carried him throughout the remainder of his day!

Week 2: Intercession and Prayer
During this past week, David had the honor of teaching in the DTS on Intercession and Prayer. As always, it was an amazing week where we saw God take the teaching from the previous week and elevate it to a whole new level! Intercession is not just ordinary prayer, but a time of listening to God and praying or taking some sort of action in accordance to what He is showing us. 
On the last day of class, we took a time to intercede for Huehuetenango, Guatemala. We spent a bit of time just waiting on Him to give us a picture and then once we had something, we would pray the image exactly as we saw it! The point of the exercise was to let God develop the picture as we prayed. What was amazing about the exercise was how precise the images became as we prayed and even more incredible was how the images confirmed our sense that the DTS outreach needed to begin in Huehue! So once we finished our time of intercession, we decided to go ahead and make the official announcement that we would begin our DTS outreach in Huehue. This was very exciting for the students to hear and for us as well!  

To close this edition of the news, we want to extend a huge thank you to the many people who have and continue to stand behind us in the ministry that God has given to us here in Guatemala! There is no question, that without the prayerful, emotional, and financial support that none of this would be possible! You are an integral part of our ministry team and we are super thankful for each and every one of you!