Soccer Tournaments, Teams, and Discipleship Training! 
Greetings again from our beloved Antigua, Guatemala! The last few months have been quite the busy time for all of us at YWAM Antigua as we have been hosting one team after another while also hosting 6 students who are doing a month long spanish school / outreach with us. At the same time, it has been a beautiful time of meeting new people, having them serve alongside of us in the ministries, while also watching them share about their own personal experiences with Jesus with the many people that we work with. It has been an incredible time  as we are certain that many lives, including their own, have been greatly impacted by their efforts!

A Developing Soccer Challenge
A few weeks ago, the students from the spanish school was given the opportunity / challenge to minister to some of the local youth that weekly come to the YWAM base on Friday nights. Normally when the youth come, they begin their "bible study" by playing some soccer in the garage of the base. Knowing that, the students as well as the school staff decided that it would be neat to invite the youth to a nearby soccer center to play under the lights on a real field. William and I (David) were also invited to be a part of this as I was set to referee the soccer matches while William plays goalkeeper for one of the teams. We created a mini soccer tournament and managed to play 4 mini games within the allotted hour that we had paid for the field. 

The youth and spanish students enjoyed the evening so much that they decided to do it again the following Friday, but this time for 2 hours. We then created a full round robin tournament that was definitely far more intense than the first time. It did not help that it was pouring rain the whole time either! One of the great things about setting up soccer tournaments like this is that there are always 2 teams watching and waiting for their next chance to play, which provided wonderful opportunities to chat with the youth and minister to them. As the referee, I also had the opportunity to speak with some of the players during the game about maintaining integrity and not letting the intensity of  a situation cause them to react irrationally (which happened often). 

This coming Friday the students will once again play soccer with the youth, however, this time they will also be bringing a small teaching with them in hopes of reaching deeper into the hearts of these young guys. Join us in praying for this ministry opportunity this Friday evening that the youth will come with open hearts and that the spanish students will not just flow in their spanish, but hear clearly His voice for the message He wants to pour out over them.

Discipleship Training School (DTS)
As many of you know, a big reason that we shut down The Street Revolution and moved to Antigua was so that we could get involved in training today's young people, specifically through the YWAM Discipleship Training School Program. This is a 5 month "Honeymoon with God" where students are invited to go on an intimate and non-distracted journey with God. In September, I will be traveling to Guatemala City and El Salvador to teach in their current DTS schools on Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism. These are both relatively new topics for me to teach, however, I am already super excited by what He has been showing me about these topics.

In February 2017, I will also be leading the next DTS school at our base in Antigua. We already have a few students lined up with a few more asking questions about the school. We are very excited about this opportunity that God has given us to lead this school and are already beginning the process of preparing ourselves for it. We also want to take a moment in this newsletter to invite anyone who might be interested in the school to get in contact with us about it. The DTS is open to all ages, all nations, and all denominations. It is not just a school for "missionaries" or for "missionary training" but is a school that is foundational for any believer who wants to go deeper in their relationship with God! The school is also offered in both english and spanish so no needs to worry about language. Again, if you are interested or know someone who is, please get in contact with us! In the meantime, we want to also invite you to pray for us as we begin the process of developing this upcoming school in February.

In closing, we want to once again thank everyone for your continued support. There is no doubt that just about everything we are able to accomplish here is a direct result of your support, whether it is financial, prayerful, or simply through encouraging messages. We love you all and look forward to possibly visiting with you personally when we come to the Texas at the end of the year. Thank you and Many Blessings!