Distributing His Love and Hope! 
Good morning from a beautiful and sunny Antigua, Guatemala! God is so good! As team season begins to wind down for us, we continue to be amazed by His goodness and love and how faithful He is to strengthen us and use us to shine His light to the people of this nation. We have practically been going nonstop since the beginning of June with one group after another, however, I find it quite amazing that we all continue to go strong and carry on the flames that each group started when they were here! This reminds me a lot of Hebrew 12:1 which says "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us!" Paul also encourages the Corinthian church to "Run in such a way to get the prize" (1 Corin 9:24) He is so faithful to strengthen us as we run our races, and this is something that we love about living our lives for Him and Him alone! We are never alone and He will never fail us!

Distributing Hope
As we have mentioned several times in our past news reports, one of the ministries that we have enjoyed since joining YWAM Antigua has been the opportunity we have each week to visit homes in a nearby town and distribute Bibles to families who do not have one. I am a firm believer that the most effective missionary that has ever existed is the Bible itself. It has been proven that just about any family would be happy to have one in their home (if they do not already) and will almost always begin reading it at some point. Once the reading begins, the light turns on in their home and transformation begins to take place.
That said, a few weeks ago we were visiting a small family who were busy building a new home. During the visitation one of the guys who came with us, Aidan, felt that we needed to pray with the worker (seen in the picture) that was helping out. He had been suffering of some physical pains that had been caused by an accident many years before. However, as we prayed, we realized that his physical issues were not necessarily all that God wanted to heal, but that there were also some deep hurts and disappointments that had been caused by one of the local church pastors. As he began to talk with us about what had happened, it was clear that this wound went deep and that it would take some time for him to experience the healing necessary. We prayed with him on numerous occasions and shared many encouraging words with him to not give up, but to continue fighting for truth and love in all situations. As we wrapped up our time with him, tears began to come from his eyes, revealing that the healing process had begun. He also said that the pain in his body had reduced significantly, likely an external indication of the freedom he was beginning to feel inside. 

Distributing His Love
This past week we also got to visit another family that had been struggling a lot recently. They actually were living in 2 different homes right next to each other and though they were also believers, they sadly did not have a Bible for themselves or their children to read. We were more than thrilled to offer them a couple of Bibles and then took time to pray for them and minister to them. It also turned out that their housekeeper was suffering of an eye infection, which we also took time to pray for. Finally, we prayed for the children and began to speak prophetically to them, which seemed to be a major breaking point as the father began to tear up. Before leaving, we then encouraged the father and prayed for him to be able to quickly find a job (he was unemployed at the time). As we said goodbye, I looked at his eyes and could see an enormous spirit of gratitude within him. It seemed that the opportunity to have a Bible and the 15/20 minutes we spent with him was exactly what he needed to rise up and move forward! God is so good and we hope that soon we can return to visit this family and hear the great testimony of what God did after we left!

A Small Confession
In closing, I want to share a small confession about both of these experiences. Though I love the ministry and look forward to it each week, I really did not want to go either week! In fact, I even tried (and failed) to find an excuse to not go! The reason I am sharing this is because the race is not always going to be easy. There will be obstacles, there will be trials, and it can get tiring. But the beauty of our God is that He is there with us and as long as we are willing to continue forward, He will do all that is possible to make sure that we reach the goal! To God be ALL the glory!