Returning to Our Guatemala Life!
"They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony..." Revelation 12:11
Greetings once again from our beautiful city of Antigua, Guatemala!  We hope that this news reports finds everyone doing well today and hopefully enjoying some wonderful spring season weather (if not, please come to Antigua… the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous lately!). God has been so good to us so far this year.

As many of you know, David’s dad suffered a stroke back in October, which led us to temporarily moving to the States to help him out for a season as he recovered and went through all his therapy sessions. We know that many of you were always in prayer for us and for him during this time. Praise God, he was able to defy the odds and recovered almost 100% from the stroke! We know that this had a lot of to with his own resilience to recover, but also due to the many prayers that had been made on his behalf.  God is faithful to always respond to the prayers of His saints. Thank you again for praying for him in this season.

Returning Home to Guatemala
Because of his miraculous recovery, we were finally able to return to Antigua last month to continue our work with YWAM Antigua. It has been quite a time of transition for us since returning as Juli had moved out of our Antigua home before she came with the kids to Houston, leaving everything piled up in our Guatemala City house. This meant a lot of organizing and sorting through stuff after we got back. It is amazing how much stuff one can pile up over the years! However, the great news that comes from this is that we have been able to bless a lot of people over the last month with things that we have decided to donate away. We really have been extremely blessed over the years and it is an honor to be able to now share that blessing with others!
Of course, though we were going through a season of "Spring Cleaning", we were still in need of finding a new home to live in Antigua so that we can be closer to the ministry and the YWAM base. This turned out to be a bit more challenging than we thought as we quickly realized that our hearts were not a peace with renting any of the homes we had looked at. God spoke very clearly to us while in the States to not make any major moves with first seeking His guidance. So after taking a time to pray, we felt the Lord leading us to move into the YWAM base so that we can be closer to our DTS students as well as the teams that came throughout the year. So far, this has been a wonderful decision for us, despite all 5 of us sleeping in the same room! Of course, we do still have our home in Guatemala City where we get to escape to on the weekends.

Ministry on the Base
Since we have been back, we have found ourselves involving ourselves in many of the ministries that take place on the base each week. Specifically, helping with the kids ministry that takes place during our Mom’s Bible Study as well as working with the kids who come to our Kids Club. David also goes out weekly with some of the other base staff to distribute Bibles in a nearby town and pray with each family they encounter. Juli has also been working with some of the mothers who come with the children to the kids club. She has been teaching them some Crochet tips while also taking time to just listen to them and encourage them. David has also been very involved in the finance office as well as recruiting for the DTS that will begin in August. Of course, Juli is also busy every morning homeschooling the kids, who seem to have adjusted well to having their classes take place on the base. Ariela is even getting involved now in the homeschooling as she is now beginning the process to learn to read!

A Quick Testimony
A few weeks ago during our Bible Distribution time, David got to visit a family where the father of the home had recently suffered a stroke. The effects of the stroke were very similar to his dad’s, which prompted David to pray for and encourage him with all that we had just gone through in Houston. The man’s eyes definitely perked up as David shared the story of recovery and after taking some time to pray for him, the man got up to his feet to formally thank us for coming to visit and encourage him. This was nothing short of a miracle as the stroke had made the left side of his body numb. For David, it was a very touching moment. After all that we went through over the last 4 months in Houston, after all the ups and downs of the journey of helping David’s dad recover, to see this man encouraged and standing again made it all the more worth it! Not only can we celebrate the victory of David’s dad, but we can also celebrate this man’s victory that came from sharing our testimony! We serve an incredible God!

In Closing.....
We want to thank everyone again for your prayers and support over these last 6 months. It has not always been easy, but we know that God responds to prayer and because of your prayers, we have been able to keep moving forward in the many things that God has for us here in Guatemala! God is so good!  So thank you again for always having our backs!