Going from Glory to Glory.... 
"And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit." 2 Corinthians 3:18

Teaching Relationship with God in El Salvador
A few weeks ago I had the honor of going to the YWAM base in El Salvador to teach in their DTS program on “Relationship with God”. This was the first time that I have taught on this specific topic, however, it is something that I often spend a great deal of time on when I teach my other topics. For me, there is nothing better in life than being able to spend quality time with Jesus, so to teach and inspire the students and staff of their school to go deeper with God was one of my greatest honors that I have experienced this year. We began the week talking about the image of a Hebrew wedding and how we can see all throughout the Bible how God was setting up His Son to receive the perfect bride. Then we progressed through the week learning about some necessary tools to deepen our walk with Him and prepare ourselves for His return. Hearing God’s Voice, Quiet Times, and Prayer were just a few of the tools I talked about. I then finished the week talking about faith and giving an image of what it means to be a son as opposed to an orphan. This was perhaps the most challenging part of the week as many times we all struggle with the orphan mentality, when in fact, we need to live out our lives from the position of sonship.
One of my personal highlights of the week happened on the very first day when during a time of worship, one of the students started to have a nose bleed. I felt that this was a very strange situation as the bleeding went on for over 5 minutes and did not seem to want to stop. So, I called the students together to pray for her and within seconds, the bleeding completely stopped and her nose dried up! Yeah God!

Base Children’s Ministries
Another development that has happened over the last few months is that Juli is now responsible for the children’s ministries on the base. The couple that was previously in charge of the ministry had to leave for an extended season as they are expecting their 3rd child and are also in need of some very much deserved rest. So our anticipation is that for the remainder of this year, Juli will be overseeing the 2 main children’s ministries that weekly happen on our base. One of those ministry times takes place during the mom’s ministry our base hosts each week. Because many of these mom’s cannot leave their children alone at home, they come to the base for a time of games, learning God’s word, and doing a craft. The other children’s ministry time takes place later in the week when we host a “Kids Club” on the base. The children that come are normally a bit older, but some of the smaller ones come as well. The idea behind this time is to teach them biblical values, while also mixing in worship, crafts, games, and some sort of healthy drink or soup to send them home with. In total, we are ministering to approximately 80 children each week!

Finally, A Home in Antigua!
As many of you know, last year my dad suffered a stroke that led us to finishing last year out in Houston to help him out with the many needs he had as he recovered. We were finally able to return to Guatemala in mid February, however, because we initially did not know how long we would be in Houston, we actually gave up the home we were renting. So when we returned to Antigua, we found ourselves living on the YWAM base in a single room until a suitable home came up for rent. Over the next several months, we looked and looked and looked for a home to live in and just could not find a suitable place for the 5 of us. On the rare occasion that we did find something close to suitable, something would always happen and we would not end up moving into the home. As we went through this process, we felt that God was going to make it clear what home was ours and that we should not settle on something just to have a home.
In early June, Juli received an unexpected message from the owner of the previous home we were renting (that we gave up at the end of last year) asking if we had returned to Guatemala. He then stated in his message that if we were back, that the house would once again be available for rent at the start of July. This was a completely unexpected turn of events, so we quickly got the kids together to talk and pray about this opportunity. The kids immediately got excited about this and after praying, we felt that this was what God was wanting us to wait for.
After returning from my teaching week in El Salvador, we packed some things up, pulled other things out that we had stored in our Guatemala City home and off we went to move back into the home we had left behind last year. The very first thing that Nathaniel said as we sat down to eat our first meal was “Finally, we are here at home again”.  Though it has only been a week in that house, we are already starting to feel settled into the house, while also getting back to some of our old routines that we had left behind a year ago.

Thank You!
In closing, we want to thank you again for your prayers and support this year! It has been a very busy and different year than we expected, however, it has also been a very fruitful one so far! Thank you for believing in us and standing with us as we continue serving our Lord and Savior in Guatemala! May His Kingdom come and His will be done in Guatemala as it is in Heaven!