Wading in the Waters of New Ministry Opportunities! 
Greetings again from the always magnificent Antigua, Guatemala! We are slowly starting to get settled in to this amazing town while at the same time learning to make the house that we are now renting a home for us. After having lived in the same place for over 8 years, this transition has certainly not been an easy one for us, but with each passing day, we are find new ways to get settled in this new home that God has so graciously given us! We greatly appreciate the many prayers that you all have been praying for on our behalf!

Bible Distribution
In 2008, we had the privilege of going to Costa Rica for a YWAM Conference where Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM) was schedule to speak. During one of his teaching sessions, Loren shared about a vision he had where by the year 2020 every home in the world would have a Bible in it. He then challenged all of the YWAM bases of Central America to take on this vision and begin taking steps to “End Bible Poverty”. Ever since hearing that session of teaching, we have longed to get involved in this dream and now that we are serving with YWAM Antigua, we are finally getting our chance to get involved in this project! So far, it has been everything that we have dreamed it would be as we have not only had the privilege of blessing so many families with a Bible, but we are also utilizing these newly discovered open doors to pray with people, encourage them, and speak life of many of their difficult situations.
This past week, David was visiting a family with Joe, another member on staff at the base. We had actually initially met the mother a week before as she, along with several other women, came rushing to us wanting to finally have a Bible of their own! She then asked if we could come back the following week and make it up the hill to visit her home and her family. So there we were, a week later, knocking on her door. She quickly greeted us, invited us in, and asked if we could pray for her daughter who had been struggling with an apparent fever (and from what David could see on her neck, an old skin disease). Joe offered to pray for this little girl and as soon as he began to pray, she (the little girl) knelt to her knees to begin repeating Joe’s prayer. It was such a precious moment. When we finished praying, David asked the little girl, Delmys, if she enjoyed praying. She, along with her mother, responded with a resounding yes so David then took some time to encourage her with the story of little Samuel and how before he became the great prophet he was to become, that he needed to learn to hear God’s voice as God wanted a relationship with him, just as he wants a relationship with all of us. At this, the girl put on a huge smile and the mother began weeping with joy.
These are the kinds of things that we are seeing happen every week in this ministry and is the very thing that can spark forth revival. If there is anything that can be learned from the Old Testament history books is that when His Word is present in a home and when it becomes real and tangible to the family, blessings and peace flow become the everyday norm. Nothing is impossible for these families! This is how true revival can begin to catch fire in a community!

Ministry to Mothers and Their Children
One of the main ministries that Juli wanted to be involved with on the base is the mother’s ministry that is currently working with and discipling over 70 women who live in the area of the YWAM base. Upon arriving on the base, we realized that one of the biggest needs was developing a children’s program for the children of the mother so that the mothers would be allowed to truly focus on the Bible Study and the life skills teachings that they were receiving. For the last year, this has been something that another staff member, Courtney, has led.  However, she is currently out on a DTS outreach leaving a major void in this ministry. Thus, Juli has volunteered to take over this part of the ministry and is now developing a new curriculum to bring the children through. This coming week will be her first week leading the children’s part of this ministry and we want to invite you all to join us in praying for her to be effective in her teaching and ministering to these precious little ones.

To close this edition of the news, we want to extend our deepest thanks to each one of you! You are all a valuable part of our ministry team and we know that without your support (whether it is financial, prayer, spiritual support, or just standing beside us as friends) none of this would be possible!  So thank you so very much!