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We are missionaries in Guatemala who desire to see God manifest himself in all areas of society. Our heart is in the restoration of broken people living on the streets as well as in the discipleship of the local church in Central America.

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Greetings once again from our beloved Guatemala!  It is so wonderful to be back in this beautiful nation!  We have been back for a few weeks now, and after taking some time to get unpacked and get things back in order, we are finally able to crank up the ministry and get back into our normal routine of ministry and homeschooling!  As I always say on our facebook page, God is so good!

One thing that I felt to share in this edition of news is a word that was given to us by a team who was recently in Guatemala serving the amazing people in Antigua. That word was "It Matters."  It seems like such a simple word, but at the same time it has spoken to us extremely profoundly lately.  When you invest your time, your money, your resources, and essentially your life into a people group that many believe will never change, the temptation over time is to wonder whether or not any of this matters or is even making a difference. It is even harder when not only do statistics prove that belief to be true, but also when you normally do not see much change at all. During our recent trip in the States, our only window into the lives of the street youth & children we work with was through the posts of our friends on facebook. Though it was nice to always be able to see their faces and read about all that was going on, it was also very hard to see them continuing to struggle with the very things that we have been working with them on.  At times, as we would watch the posts / pictures pass by, the thought would enter our minds "Have we made any difference in their lives? Does any of the many things we do for them actually matter?"

So you can imagine that last week when we received this word, just how deeply it spoke into our spirits that everything we are doing IS making a deep impact. Every hug, every prayer, every foot washed, every wound treated, every picture drawn, every fingernail painted, every game played, every silly dance, every bible story, every story listened to, every tear cried...they ALL DO MATTER! Many times, we don't get to see the fruit of our efforts, but that does not determine whether we have been effective in our ministry.  What matters is serving the people God has called us to and doing it in the exact way that He has shown us.  We all have a place in seeing His Kingdom established on earth as it is in heaven and as long as we continue serving in that specific capacity, EVERYTHING DOES MATTER!
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