Born in the Spirit, Flowing in Good Works! 
"The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit" John 3:8

Good afternoon from a beautiful and sunny Antigua, Guatemala! We are super thrilled to be able to write you today and share a little about what God has already done through us in the Discipleship Training School (DTS) that we just launched last week!

An International and Diverse School!
One of the things we love about serving in YWAM is how just about everything we do together has an international feel to it! This school is no different as all together, we have 6 students and 4 staff members representing 5 different nations! We also have the blessing and challenge of having 3 different generations represented amongst the group (Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennial). Sometimes it is mind blowing to see such a small group and see so much diversity, but at the same time, it is such an awesome privilege that we get to spend the next 5 months together, challenging one another to go deeper with God!

A School Born in the Spirit
Several weeks before the school began, we as staff were praying about this school and felt that the school would be a school that would not only be born in the Spirit, but also flowing in good works. As we prayed, we felt God highlight 5 keys areas that He is wanting to work on in the lives of each one of us involved. "Spiritual Food, Power, Peace, Intimacy, and Presence." We also felt that God was highlighting John 3:8 as well as Titus 3:4-8 as central scriptures for this school. Already, we are beginning to see this at work as this past week we had the honor of hosting some dear friends from the YWAM base in Guatemala City, Carlos & Karla Garcia.

Week 1: God's Nature and Character
We began this DTS with a focus on deepening our understanding of God's Nature and Character. It is extremely crucial that before going deeper with God, that we need to really understand who He is and remove all false doctrine from our lives. One of the things that really challenged the school was the understanding that God not only is love, but that He also chooses to love. This challenged each of us as we also realized that since love is only love if it is chosen, that God could actually choose to not love us! Of course, He is also a committed God and by His commitment to love us and continuously pursue us, we understood that He would never choose not to. However, the idea was mind blowing that such a omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God would actually CHOOSE to love us! Wow!

Outreach in May/June
We want to close this edition of the news by inviting you to pray for our students and staff as we seek His face about our upcoming outreach in May & June. This is an 8 week season of the school where God brings much of what we learned in the lecture into practice. As with all YWAM outreaches, our desire is to only go where He is sending us. Thus, we want to invite you to join us over these next few weeks in praying for clear direction as to where and to whom He is calling us!