September 2020 News Report

‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.”
Matthew 6:10

Kids Life News

August marked a new season of ministry for the Kid’s Life ministry at Transformation as we moved into a new facility that gives Kid’s Life a larger space to work with. As a result, we are now able to keep most of the children together to learn about and worship the Lord. We have also been able to invest in new equipment (lights, sound, microphones) that has allowed for us to create a special environment for the children to enjoy and call their own. Our next goal is to purchase a good desktop computer that we can use to produce videos for a curriculum we want to create for the ministry. Please join us in praying for this desire to be met.

With the new building, also came an opportunity to teach some new principles to the children, or “Agreements” as we are calling them.  The agreements are Respect, Participation, Listening, and Encouragement. Our desire is for the children to not just live them out on a Sunday morning, but also in their everyday life, whether at home, at school, at an extracurricular event, or when they are visiting their friends.

We have also been teaching the children to hear the voice of God, which has brought quite a few tears to the children, but also excitement as God has met them personally and shown them some amazing things! This is one of the core values we want to bring to the children to live their life each day aware of His presence and seeking Him for guidance in every decision.

Taking Care of Our Elders

Something else that David has been able to do this year is help a friend from our church to take care of an elderly man named Mr. Milton, who has Parkinson’s, along with his wife, Mrs. Mildred. Though he does get paid to spend his Saturday mornings / early afternoon with them, he has discovered that this is more of a ministry than anything else. Each weekend brings new surprises and reasons to pray for and minister to them. Some days it seems that they both just want to sleep and “be lazy." Then there are other days where he gets to sit on the back porch listening to Mr. Milton share stories of his younger years, which also sharing with him about what life and ministry looks like in Guatemala. Overall, we have found that this has been a ministry opportunity that we did not expect when we decided to live in the US during this season.

The Anointing of Nehemiah

Over the last week, I have felt the Lord speak to me about Nehemiah and the need for the local church to not just be a group of worshipers and prayer warriors, but to also become a church filled with men and women of action. Reading through the book of Nehemiah, we see a man who was saddened by the state of his nation. Rather than sitting around and talking about it with others, he began to cry out to God, to worship God, and to repent on behalf of his nation. We then see him take another step as he asked the King for permission to return to his homeland to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. What resulted was a nation working together and uniting together as one. This then led to the public reading of God's word, which led to the nation worshiping together the King of Kings. In other words, revival broke out! Out of inspiration of what God was showing David about Nehemiah’s example, he wrote a blog with the hopes of inspiring local bodies of Christ around the world to rise and make a difference in the communities that God planted them in. Click here to read the blog post.

Thank You!

We just want to close this news report by expressing a huge THANK YOU for your continued giving. As mentioned above, we have recently been able to upgrade some of our ministry equipment for the Kid’s Life ministry and this could not have happened with your support. We are so thankful to have each one of your on our support team, whether it is through financial support or prayerful support. All of it is necessary for us to continue our goal of seeing His Kingdom come and His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Click here if you would like more information on how to support our work.

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