Overwhelmed by His Goodness in El Salvador
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We are missionaries in Guatemala who desire to see God manifest himself in all areas of society. Our heart is in the restoration of broken people living on the streets as well as in the discipleship of the local church in Central America.

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We would be honored to have you join us in prayer for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done in Guatemala. For those interested in partnering with us in prayer, click here to access our current prayer requests on our website.
The Spark Fundraiser!
As many of you know, we are in the process of opening a Cafe designed to reach out to and disciple young people living on the streets of Guatemala City! We have already begun renting a facility and have begun renovations. We are very excited about what God is doing, but we need your help! We are currently trying to raise $6000 to cover rent for a year as well as the initial cost of renovating and setting up the Cafe! We have already raised over $2300, which excites us a lot! If you are interested in getting involved, click here to go directly to our fundraiser!

Our ministry would not be possible had it not been for the gracious / sacrificial giving of our supporters. We are so thankful to have you all as a part of our team and look forward to our continued partnership in bringing hope to Guatemala. If anyone is interested in sending a gift to support us personally or a donation to support The Street Revolution, there are a variety of ways that one can give. Information on how to give to our work can be found on our webpage under "Support Us" or simply by clicking here


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Greetings again from our beloved Guatemala City! David just returned back from an amazing time in El Salvador where God did some amazing things and overwhelmed us with His goodness! Even after having served in Guatemala for so many years, we are still so deeply touched by Him in the many ways that He continues to confirm our call to this nation and to the many young people who struggle with life on the streets.

YWAM El Salvador Discipleship Training School
The main reason that David went to El Salvador  was so that he could teach once again on Intercessory Prayer to the students and staff of the DTS. This year's school was smaller than normal, but what we loved about it was that all of the students were El Salvadorians who were anxious and hungry to go deeper with God! For much of the week, David felt God constantly remind him of a lesson he learned from Genesis 28, where Jacob has a dream and sees the gates of heaven over him. What is so impactful about this story is the revelation that Jacob received that the presence of God was with him, even when he did not realize it. Studying the story more deeply, we can see from his dream that this is to be a normal way of living for us! Gates of heaven are always opening above us (through our intercession), thus ushering in more of His presence to earth (as it is in heaven). Living life from this perspective is super exciting for us and is very much the fuel that daily drives our ministry. If the gates of heaven are always opening before us, and if His presence is always moving with us, then absolutely nothing is impossible! Wow! 

The Earthquake School of Ministry
One of the other reasons for going to El Salvador was so that David could teach on "Faith & Intercession" with the students of this quickly growing school of supernatural ministry. This was his first time teaching in this type of school and without a doubt, it was an incredible time of ministry and teaching! There were about 30 students in attendance and with each word spoken, it was clear that they were being deeply impacted and challenged. After the teaching time was over, the school then took time to minister to and prophesy to David, all of which was very accurate and very encouraging for us! 

Finally!  A 15 Passenger Van!
After praying for over 2 years and constantly struggling to raise funding for it, we finally had a dream fulfilled when Wally Cook, pastor of Iglesia Ruta 3:16 (and dear friend), wrote us stating that he felt God wanted for him to give us his van (pictured above). So, when David arrived in El Salvador to teach, Wally picked him up to take him to a lawyer to write out the papers for the transfer of ownership. The next challenge was driving the van back to Guatemala, something that he has not done since 2010. Despite the concerns that we had with crossing the border and entering the van into the country, it was one of the easiest trips ever! No issues whatsoever at the border and absolutely no police checkpoints (not that these are bad, just don't like them as a lot of times the police try to extort foreigners when pulled over in the open country). Our next challenge is not that big of one, but is one that could cost us a bit of money, getting the van imported to Guatemala so that we can put Guatemalan plates on it. We have edited our original fundraiser so that we can only raise the estimated funding for the import tax, which is estimate to be around $1200. We already had $460 raised from our previous attempts to fund raise meaning that we only need another $740 over the next few months to make this happen! If you are interested in giving to this, feel free to check out our online fundraiser.
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