Celebrating Freedom! 
"....It is for freedom that Christ has set us free." Galations 5:1

Good afternoon from a beautiful and sunny Antigua, Guatemala! A few days ago, we had the honor of celebrating Independence day all over Central America! 196 years of freedom, to be exact. I was actually in Costa Rica at the time and had the privilege of going downtown to watch all the schools parade around town! What really blessed me was seeing how the Ticos (Costa Ricans) not only celebrated their own nation, but most of the schools in the parade celebrated all the Central American nations together, with Guatemala leading the way! 

Inner Healing in the DTS
Speaking of freedom, this past week the students of our Discipleship Training School enjoyed a week of Inner Healing and Freedom themselves. We invited some dear friends of ours, David & Kourtney Guasca to come and teach on the "Divine Plumbline" a wonderful ministry of healing that helps us work through the wounds of our life and receive the very freedom that Jesus bought for us on the cross. All 7 students were very challenged throughout the week as they faced the reality of their own hurts. However, by the end of the week, they were given the opportunity to have freedom ministered to them and each one got to celebrate their own Independence day as well!

Relationships Week
A few weeks ago, Juli spent a week with our DTS students teaching on Biblical Relationships. It had been a long time since she last taught, however, she ended up becoming one of the favorite teachers of the DTS so far! God's anointing is definitely on her when she teaches on this topic as it is also something that she has had to live out! Pride, Humility, Forgiveness are 3 key areas of her teaching that she emphasizes throughout the week and all 3 are areas that she has had to grow in throughout her life! In the meantime, I had the honor of homeschooling William and Nathaniel, something I never thought I could do. However, God definitely gave me loads of grace to do it and now I have completely fallen in love with the idea of it. Probably my favorite part was being able to read the Bible with the boys and process the daily readings with them. Up until this point, I had always struggled to find a place to share our crazy God stories with the boys, but each day I found myself sharing something with them! God is so good!

Upcoming DTS Outreach
As many of you may already know, we will be leading a 7 week outreach to Huehuetenango (Guatemala) and Oaxaca, Mexico starting the last weekend of October. We are very excited about what God is wanting to do with us in each of these locations. In Huehue, we will be returning to the same church we served with in May and shining His light once again in this amazing department of Guatemala! We will then head to Oaxaca, Mexico for a time of evangelism, ministry, and likely earthquake relief work. We would love to invite everyone to pray for us as we have a few challenges facing us and our team in the next 6 weeks. One challenge is finances... we need to raise an estimated $3000 for the outreach. Another is visas to Mexico for our Central American students. Finally, Juli will be renewing her US Visa tomorrow (Sept 18) afternoon. This will be important for her, not just for us to visit the US as a family, but also for her to get into Mexico in November. 

Finally, we would like to once again thank everyone for your prayers and support for our family and ministry! There is no question that without you, we would not be able to do all that we do on a daily basis! Lives are being impacted and "Daniels" are being launched into the professional world influencing those around them with Kingdom values! So thank you so much for you prayers and support! If you would like to help us in any way for our upcoming DTS outreach, please email us at for options on how you can give!