The Majesty of Our God! 
God is truly magnificent! Yesterday I (David) had the privilege of climbing one of the active volcanoes of Guatemala with the youth of our US home church, Living Branch Church! It was the first time that I had the chance to do this (despite living here for 13 years), and all I think about as we drove home was just how incredible, powerful, and magnificent God is. Psalm 145:3 says that "Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise, His greatness no one can fathom" There was a point just before we headed back down the volcano that I sat on my horse and looked one last time towards the cone of the volcano. I was struck on complete awe as I realized that the very thing that looked so peaceful and beautiful was in fact a rather power agent of creation that at any moment could "explode" and change the world all around us. To think that in His hands rests this powerful volcano is very mind blowing. His greatness is something that we truly cannot fathom.... He is always worthy of our praise!

Living Branch Church is in Guatemala
Today marks the final full day that we will have the privilege of hosting the youth of our home church, Living Branch Church. It has been an incredible time with these young world changers. There is no doubt that many Guatemalans have experienced the love and presence of God because of their visit!

One of the great highlights of their trip was the day that we got to visit a young single mother and bless her with a new stove. Because of a lack of resources, many of the families that we get to work with at YWAM Antigua are forced to use wood burning "stoves" that are really just logs within a few bricks with a grill on top. This creates a lot of smoke in the home, uses a lot of wood, and creates a major risk of burns and out of control fires. Fortunately, the YWAM base has contacts that can help us build a much safer and more efficient stove for as little as $150. These stoves send the smoke out of the house, require only small amounts of wood, and remain cool on the outside so that no one gets burned by it. However, this particular mother did not even have a stove, rather, she had to borrow the one of her neighbor. One thing that we did not know until we arrived to install the new stove is that just a few days before was her birthday! This made it all the more exciting for us as the gift of this stove was kind of a birthday gift from God for her! If you would like to see a video of the process of installation, click here. In response to receiving this amazing gift, this young mother took time with the team to teach them to make a typical Guatemala dish called Chuchitos. This was quite the fun experience for each one of them and perhaps left the group feeling that they had been blessed more than by the mother!

Another Bible Distribution Testimony
One final testimony that I wanted to share about our time with the youth of LBC happened during our morning where we went out to give away Bibles. Because the town we are working in right now is strongly catholic, we tend to struggle with a lot of skeptical people. This makes a lot of sense considering how recently a local evangelical pastor had been arrested for sex trafficking. However, one lady that we met was very, very different from the rest as she quickly brought us into her home, quickly took us to her room, and closed the door behind us. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous at first, but once she sat down in front of us, it was clear that this lady was desperate for a real encounter with God. She quickly broke down crying and expressed that though she was still catholic, that she had recently given her life to Jesus and was more of an "evangelical catholic" now. Because her family was devout catholics, this had led to her being rejected by the family and even treated lower than the family dog. Because of the abuse she was suffering, she had recently left her family with the hope that God could change her family. At the time of our arrival, she had been crying out to God and losing hope, so our arrival was a major encouragement to her that God is going to walk with her through this tough season. We spent quite a bit of time praying with her and encouraging her and as we did, her face and the way that she carried herself began to change. She began to rise up as a woman proud of who she was and whose she was. Hope had entered her heart and the belief that restoration with her family could happen began to become very real to her! Praise the Lord! 

These two testimonies are just a small glimpse of what God done over this last week through the youth of church. We are so thankful to have had them here with us and cannot wait till they are able to return again next year!  God is so good!  Thank you LBC for sending your youth to Guatemala!