Experiencing the Goodness of God.... 
"How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you, that you bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in you" Psalm 31:19

Greetings from Houston! Let me begin this news report by just declaring a simple truth that is so profound, no matter the circumstances that we face today. “God is good!” He is so good and when we are willing to open our eyes to see it, He will just blow us away with that goodness and love!

It has been quite a while since our last news report. Not that there hasn’t been anything going on. Rather, because it is hard to know what to say right now. Most know by now that in August I was diagnosed with Melanoma on my leg and was operated to have it removed in September. One the mole was removed, the next step was pursuing preventative treatment, which unfortunately, is not available in Guatemala. Thus the reason I am now writing you from Houston. There is obviously much more to this story, but for the sake of space, I will just refer those who do not know the entire story (and all the updates) to our Gofundme page where we continue to raise funds to cover all the medical costs we have faced over the last 3 months.

God is Providing
One of the most incredible parts of this journey has been the way that God has provided and shown us favor since arriving in Houston. I am came here alone with the purpose of starting the process to get treatment, getting insurance, finding a car, and finding a place to live. The moment I arrived in Houston I got blown away as within 3 days of being here, I already had 2 vehicles given to us (1 for me, 1 for Juli), and the possibility of a mobile home to live in (we have now learned it is not just a mobile home, but a furnished mobile home). You cannot ask for a quicker move of God than that!  I then was quickly approved for a Marketplace insurance plan, began meeting with an oncologist, got the kids approved for Medicaid, and even had a few job interviews! Talk about God doing an incredible work!  I still have a week left in Houston before returning back to Guatemala for a few days and I imagine that it is going to be an exciting week of seeing God continue to open more doors!

Back in Guatemala…
I am so thankful for the amazing wife and children that God has blessed me with. This last month has not been easy for us, but the way they have risen to the occasion has blown me away. Not only has Juli been able to continue with the children’s ministry on the base and continue with the homeschooling, but she also was able to pack up our house in Antigua, sell of the excess stuff we do not need, and then even find time to go to a conference in El Salvador! This next week she will move the remainder of our things to our house in Guatemala City. I am truly blessed by this incredible, hardworking, and powerful woman!

Kids Club
As I mentioned, despite not being around to help out, Juli (along with her sister) remained faithful to the kid’s club ministry that she has been leading on the base. This past month the focus has been on “becoming superheroes at home” and teaching the children practical ways that they can be heroes by helping our families out in practical ways. This next week will be a time of transition for Juli as she passed the leadership of the ministry over to her sister. The last several months we have seen positive change in the ministry as well as clear personal development in the hearts and lives of the children who faithfully come each week. We give praise to God that we have had this privilege to serve the families of this community in such a practical way!

What is Next?
Once I return to Guatemala at the end of the month, Juli and I will be wrapping some final things up before we fly out as a family on Nov 2. Earlier this year we were invited to speak at one of our supporting churches in California as they celebrate missions month in November. We are their first missionary speakers for the month. We are looking forward to being able to not only meet the congregation we have heard about for many years, but also be able to share the vision that God has given us for Guatemala and the nations. From there we will take a short time to rest, visit other supporters, before finally ending up in Houston for Thanksgiving. We will then remain in Houston for an undermined length of time as I continue pursuing the necessary preventative treatment.

Pray for Us!
We would like to invite everything to continue praying for us as we move into this unexpected season in Houston. As I stated in the beginning of this news report, we stand strongly on the belief that God is good. We know He has a purpose for us in this time and we have a strong sense that there is something big and exciting awaiting for us here. We believe that 5 years from now we will look back and see that this was a crucial time in the development of our ministry. So please pray with us that we can continue to hear His voice and follow His lead.