Who Are You Rooting For?

It's almost Super Bowl Sunday and I'd like to know - who are you rooting for? Having something to rally behind, something to get excited about and look forward to is what the Super Bowl is all about, right?

As for us, we were rooting for the Ravens until they now we are pretty indifferent despite the media hype over Deflate Gate. It will be interesting to see what the NFL investigation reveals. To me, this is a great example of crisis communications and how organizations react to allegations. Robert Kraft wants the league to make an apology. Tom Brady denies everything and Coach Belicheck takes the fifth. The NFL has been at the center of a lot of controversy over the past year and had to respond to public reaction to how it has handled matters related to its players. I think sports in general are a metaphor for life and there are so many lessons to learn from sports, especially as it relates to media relations and crisis communications tactics.

 As long as I can remember, the Super Bowl was a big deal in our house and we always took bets on who would go all the way. When I was in college, we had major Super Bowl dorm parties (complete with spray painted sheets hanging out the fourth floor window).  And since the beginning of my married family life, we always make plans for Super Bowl Sunday. It's almost a national holiday:)

Super Bowl Sunday used to be that one day out of the year where you watch the commercials with baited breath to see who is the most creative. I heard today that it's $4 million for a 30 second spot and major brands pre-launch their spots on You Tube. Took the fun right out of it! 

Wishing you a fun Super Bowl Sunday!

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It's not the problem, the people, or the situation. It is your resistance to the problem, the people, or the situations which causes anger, fear, or frustration. Whatever comes at you is coming to teach you or heal you. Whatever you do, don't push the experience away. If you do, it will show up later with more force and urgency. 

-Iyanla Vanzant
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Family Matters!

That's my dad and nephew Cal after his final lacrosse game at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. We made sure my dad (he's 81!) was able to travel south to see his grandson play ball. It's so important to find the time to make memories along the way. My dad was so proud of Cal and we know Cal really appreciated having his granddad on the sidelines. Go Vikings!

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