Have You Planned Your 2015?

I know I have. That's me with my coach Jenny Fenig after our extraordinary VIP strategy day at the historic Red Lion Inn in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. We spent 5 hours mapping out how I will spend 2015 so that I realize my dreams and manifest what I most desire both personally and professionally. (I can't wait to get started! The guided visualizations were a trip!). 

If you've never worked with a business coach like Jenny (who by the way is Ah-mazing) then you might want to think about investing in hiring one. I used to think coaches were for broken executives or really rich people. I've come to realize that if you want to actualize your vision, then you will get there a WHOLE lot quicker with some help from the right person. Not one to jump into things, I spent over a year researching the market. I was determined to find the perfect coach for me and I was ready to invest in myself when I found Jenny through a mutual connection.

I recommend that you do some research in the marketplace and be open to what you find. The ideal coach may not live close to you. You may have to travel to them. You may be able to Skype with them. Or they may travel to your area. Alternatively, the person may be right under your nose. I looked locally, nationally and internationally. I followed people online and I asked for recommendations from friends. Many of the things Jenny put out in her work really resonated with me. I started small and did her Live Your Dreams Challenge program first. I wanted to get a sense for her and her style. 

For me, working privately with Jenny has accelerated my personal growth and changed my mindset in so many ways. I am really grateful that I was able to meet the right person - someone who got what I was all about and was a few steps ahead of me on her journey. I was also fully committed to showing up and doing the work she recommended that I do. In working with Jenny, I was able to get clarity around what I am here to do while on this beautiful planet (it's taken awhile but I never gave up trying to figure it out!).  

After investing in my personal growth and working with Jenny, I am now so much more committed to making swift decisions, getting help with things I need help with, making time for self-care, managing my money, building my teaching and writing career and more. Planning the next year was time well spent this week. Executing against my plan will require courage, tenacity and more.

Here's to a Fabulous 2015 for all of us!

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Where's Tracy?

March 8 -10: Producing Erickson Living's Annual Meeting for its top 300 executives across the nation. 

March 11 & 12: Presenting at Ragan's Best Practices in Digital Communications Summit in Vegas!

May 7-10: Celebrating my Mom's 75th birthday in Charleston, South Carolina!

If you'd like me to speak to your organization, give me a shout. I love that stuff.


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Satisfying My Inner Geek

My latest electronic purchase was a nice microphone to record audios. I am strongly considering launching a podcast this year and I've been researching best practices. I did John Lee Dumas' free Podcast School (he's the guy that does Entrepreneur's On Fire and is the go to guy for doing podcasting right) and I went with his recommended microphone, the ATR2100. Okay so I geeked out on the whole research and buying experience. Again, satisfying my Inner Geek. Look for more on my podcast in future editions!

Business Adventure School Crew Celebrating A Year of Success!

Last year, I participated in the Business Adventure School with a crew of soul sisters (left to right, our Coach Jenny Fenig, Julie Berry, Elaine Wellman, Rayna Diane Hennen, Susan Miller and me). We came from all parts of the US and we supported each other on so many levels. What was so interesting was that each of us have a corporate background and a creative flair that we want to share with the world in our own special way. Several of us launched or expanded our freelance businesses during the program - everything from Safari Tours in Africa, graphic design and more! We each also had our own personal challenges during the year and found strength in our numbers. Overall, we all experienced tremendous growth. This was such a joy to spend time with them basking in the afterglow of such a fun year together. Masterminding can be fun!

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 Cool Stuff I Recommend:

#GetGutsy: Jenny Fenig's new e-book that went to #1 on Amazon last week is a must read for chicks interested in finding their soul's purpose. She calls it A Sacred, Fearless Guide for Finding Your Soul's Calling and Living Your Dream.

Stitch Fix: Don't have time to shop? Want to find the perfect outfit for your shape and style preference? Then look no further, Stitch Fix will assign a personal stylist who will assemble 5 items for you to consider. They ship them to you and you just send back the ones you don't want. I got my first box last week and it was eery how the stylist was able to select items that I REALLY liked. Now to decide what to keep and what to send back (or not!). Here's a hotlink to get you started:

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