Colour Society of Australia, NSW August 2015 event – Colour Psychology: A Review of its Origins and Evidence – a lecture by Zena O’Connor (Ph. D., University of Sydney)

Colour Psychology: A Review of its Origins and Evidence

A lecture by Zena O'Connor (Ph. D., University of Sydney)
Wednesday 12 August, 2015

Dear NSW Colour Society Members and friends,
In our recent CSA survey, colour psychology emerged as the topic that was of more interest than any other, being nominated by more than 70% of members as an area that they would like to know more about. I am pleased to announce that our August 2015 event will be a lecture by Dr Zena O'Connor on the topic Colour Psychology: A Review of its Origins and Evidence.  Please come along to make this an event to remember, and consider inviting some friends to this talk of exceptionally broad interest.
I would also like to remind you that on September 9 artist Tim Miller will share his thoughts on colour and vision arising out of his lifetime of work as a landscape painter.
Best Regards,
David Briggs
Chairperson NSW

Colour Society Event


Colour Psychology:
A Review of its Origins and Evidence

Zena O'Connor PhD (University of Sydney)

Wednesday 12 August, 2015, 6.30pm for 7.00 pm 

Cover of Zena’s recent ebook, Colour Psychology and Colour Therapy.

Dr Zena O'Connor completed her Ph. D. thesis Interface Between Colour and Human Response at the University of Sydney in 2007, and has continued there as a Research Associate and Sessional Lecturer, while also working as an independent research consultant. Her professional experience includes design, research, education and successful entrepreneurship, and her research and publications focus on colour theory and application, design, branding and marketing, visual literacy and visual communications design. She has authored many colour-related book chapters, conference papers and articles, including four papers for the journal Color Research and Application, along with several e-books including Colour Psychology and Colour Therapy (June, 2015).
The notion that colour directly influences the human organism, rather than indirectly through culturally-acquired colour symbolism and learned colour associations, is an idea that has intrigued since antiquity. A plethora of books, articles and websites are devoted to colour psychology, and these often feature myriad claims about a range of psychological, physiological and behavioural responses attributed to colour. While it is frequently implied that a sound body of research exists to support such colour-related claims, does colour have the capacity to elicit such a range of responses? Furthermore, are these claims reliable and universally applicable irrespective of individual differences, cultural variations and the influence of contextual, perceptual and temporal factors? Dr Zena O'Connor will examine the diverse origins of colour psychology dating back to antiquity, and explore the links with traditional and New Age concepts. Evidence-based information will be reviewed, and this information will provide insights for artists, designers and others who use colour in practice.

Wednesday 12th August, 6.30pm for drinks and nibbles followed by presentation at 7.00pm 

Albion Centre, Ground Floor, 349 Crown Street (corner of Albion and Crown Streets), Surry Hills.

Street parking only

Pre-booking essential at
Tickets $30 non-members/$20 members/$15 students.
RSVP essential by 5pm Monday 10th August.

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CSA NSW Division, September 2015 event: Artist Tim Miller will talk about his long interest in colour and vision in relation to his work as a landscape painter.
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