A Brand New Run/Walk Half-Marathon Training Plan; Find a Best Running Friend; Screamin' Deals on 110% Compression Wear and Knuckle Lights
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Walk/Run to 13.1 

Although the Finish It and Own It plans for the half-marathon in Train Like a Mother have catapulted plenty of smiling and jubilant mother runners across the 13.1-mile finish line, we've heard some feedback that the Finish It plan might be a bit ambitious.

Part of the aggressiveness is by design—we're true believers in working your way up in race distance from 5K to 10K to half-marathon—and part of it is simply that we didn't have time to put all of the training programs to the test before the book came out. So we asked Christine Hinton, the mastermind behind all the plans in TLAM, to design a bit simpler program that integrates popular run/walk intervals. If you're still reading, know that you—our loyal email newsletter subscribers—are the first to lay eyes on this baby. (Sorry; not as cute as a real newborn, but then again, no colic either.)

Drum roll: This 15-week, 4-runs-a-week plan can take a brand-new runner from 0 to 13.1, provided she follows the schedule, listens to her body, and believes in herself. (Apologies again: No coffee cup/bailing allowed workouts in this schedule, as we have in other training plans in TLAM. There are 3 weekly potential rest days, and you gotta get moving, friend!)

Here's a glimpse:

You can download the whole Walk/Run Half-Marathon training program as a .pdf or as a word document (.doc) through this link.  

New AMR Forums

Our previous forums were stuck in 2002, along with Chandler and Counting Crows, but we've given them a huge makeover in the brand spankin' new AMR Connect. The info there—and we're talking higher-than-your-laundry piles of good, helpful stuff—won't float by in less than a day, like it does on our Facebook page. (Spoiler alert: We're going to use it in a few weeks to get all you beginners and sputterers the support and gentle push you need.)

Two forums we're just bursting about: Find a Best Running Friend and Free Gear Swap, where you can find appreciative new owners for your gear that's gathering dust. And of course there's a TMI one. We'll have a tutorial on them on Friday on our website, but wanted to let you know that doors are open for business now, and you can trot on through anytime.
110% Juggler Knickers
10% Off 110% Compression Wear
This multitasking line of 110% Play Harder post-run recovery wear is, as the Brits say, simply brilliant: not only does the gradient compression wear speed healing blood to your overworked quads or aching hips, the built-in, strategically-placed pockets hold reusable ice packets (included with purchase) to target sore spots. So you can empty the dishwasher or change a diaper while actually taking care of yourself. (What a concept, right?) To snag a 10% discount + free ground shipping: use code 110AMR.
knuckle lights
$5 Off Knuckle Lights
Although Mr. Golden Sun is slowly appearing earlier these days, you still need to light it up on morning runs (and during the night legs of summer relays). Knuckle Lights are one of our fave products; the beam is perfectly positioned to illuminate cracks and potholes, and to give a head's up to oncoming drivers. Take $5 off a pair, normally $39.99, with code AMRKL.
20% off all AMR Pink Tanks
In honor of our, um, about eighth-favorite holiday (right before Labor Day, right after Flag Day), we are taking 20% off all of the pink tanks in our another mother runner store. That's right, you can proclaim to be a Sole Sister; another mother runner; or that Someday my PR will come for just $28. Who says we don't love you? Good through 2/20/13.
Dimity says: I just met you, and this sounds crazy, but on a Sunday morning, I did a seven-step brick (run 3 times, bike 3 times, ending with strength routine) that lasted about 3 hours, 30 minutes. Because all the segments were 35 minutes or less, I didn't freak about the length; I kept my mind where my feet were, and nailed that sucker. Boom!

Sarah saysWeek 3 of the TLAM Marathon: Own It plan called for 15 miles. My pal Ellison and I didn't let a little thing like freezing fog—or me wiping out on an ice patch at Mile 3 (boom!)—deter us. I felt super badass at the end of that tough run. #TLAM2013
Flying Off Again
February 22-24: Jetting off to the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. We'll be at the Another Mother Runner booth on the 22nd and 23rd, and will be speaking on the main stage at 4 p.m. on Friday the 22nd and at 3 p.m. on Saturday the 23rd. On the 24th, we'll don our best Tinkerbell wings and run 13.1 with two other mother runners who won entries from us. (Or, in fractured-food Dimity's case, cheer wildly.)

February 23: We're putting on our tiaras for the ZOOMA Enchanted Evening, a pre-race party with good nibbles, drinks, and plenty o' prizes. All—or those in the Orlando vicinity, anyway—are welcome, but you must RSVP here.

April: Races + Parties
On tap for April: we'll be at the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll San Francisco Half-Marathon (April 5/6); the More Fitness Half-Marathon in NYC (April 12/13); and we're planning AMR parties for suburban CT (April 10) and suburban NJ (April 11). (By "suburban" we mean close to New York Metro area.) If you would like an invite to one of the parties, email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com with "NJ Party" or "CT Party" in the headline, please. (And we've got more parties planned...stay tuned!)
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