The ARPA-E Newsletter: March 8, 2013

2013 Summit

The 2013 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit concluded last week. Thank you to all of this year's attendees, speakers, panelists, and showcase participants for making it such a success! We've included some highlights below. To view additional photos from this year’s Summit, please click here

ARPA-E Deputy Director Cheryl Martin at the Summit
Photo of a Summit Fireside Chat
Photo of the Summit Technology Showcase
Photo of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu
Photo of a Tesla car at the Summit
Photo of Keynote Speaker Hans Rosling

Save the Date!

Mark your calendar now for ARPA-E's 5th Annual Energy Innovation Summit, February 24-26, 2014. The Summit will once again take place at the Gaylord National Convention Center, just outside Washington, DC.

Funding Opportunities

ARPA-E Funding Opportunity graphic

Potential Funding Opportunities
Bio-Conversion of Methane-to-Liquids: this potential funding opportunity would seek to identify transformational concepts for cost-effective, one-step conversion of methane to liquid transportation fuels with low capital expenditure and flexible deployment to access remote, flared, or pipeline gas.
Advanced Thermo/Electrochemical Metals Extraction: this potential funding opportunity would seek to identify transformational concepts for extraction and recycling of light metals (aluminum, magnesium, and titanium).
*Stay tuned to upcoming newsletters for additional information on these two potential opportunities!
Current Funding Opportunities
Robust Affordable Next-Generation EV Storage (RANGE): this funding opportunity seeks to fund the development of transformational electrochemical energy storage technologies that will accelerate widespread electric vehicle adoption by dramatically improving their driving range, cost, and reliability.

Milestones & Successes

graphic of a checked box
At the Summit, ARPA-E Deputy Director Cheryl Martin announced major milestones for ARPA-E projects, including significant technical successes and market engagement. Twelve ARPA-E projects have leveraged their technologies to form new companies, more than 10 have partnered with other government agencies for later-stage investment, and 17 have attracted over $450 million in private-sector follow-on funding after ARPA-E’s initial investment of approximately $70 million. Click here to read more.

Virtual Summit

Laptop graphic
Missed this year’s Summit? The Summit keynote presentations and panel discussions were all recorded. To access the Virtual Summit, click here (please note that a small fee applies if you did not register for the Summit).