January 28, 2016
Data Coalition News
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  • Data Coalition Announces Name Change and New Sister Organization
  • Transparency isn't Enough
  • Recap: Second Annual Capitol Hill Fly-in!
  • Tech Industry, Transparency Advocates Weigh In to Dump DUNS

Data Coalition Announces Name Change and Sister Organization

Former House Oversight Committee chairman Tom Davis inaugurates the Data Coalition and Data Foundation. 

Yesterday, the supporters and leadership of the Data Transparency Coalition, the nation's only open data trade association, announced a new chapter in their campaign to standardize and publish all government information as open data.

The Data Transparency Coalition is changing its name to Data Coalition. "Our new name reflects the broad impact of open data: not only better transparency for citizens and investors, but also better management within government through analytics and cheaper compliance through standards-enabled automation," said Hudson Hollister, founder and executive director of the Coalition.

Yesterday also marks the launch of the Data Foundation, the nation’s first industry-focused open data research organization. Through research, education, and programming, the new Foundation will illuminate the benefits of transforming government information into standardized, open data. The new Foundation draws its initial support from the leading companies of the Coalition, plus Kearney & Company.

Congressional champions of open data applauded the day’s announcements.

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"I'm pleased to see the growth of the Data Coalition and the establishment of the new Data Foundation. We will only succeed in modernizing our government with the assistance and support of the tech industry. I've been excited to see the capabilities of Data Coalition members to republish, analyze, and automate federal information once it's expressed as standardized data instead of documents."

-Senator Mark Warner 

Data Trade Group: Transparency isn't Enough

The Data Transparency Coalition, a trade association whose members include LexisNexis and which advocates for federal data sharing, is rebranding to include data management as part of its mission.

The group has pushed for the federal government to fully implement the 2014 Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, which directs federal agencies to make their spending more accessible and searchable to the public, among other open-data related policies. In advance of a day of meetings on Capitol Hill, the organization Wednesday announced its new name — the Data Coalition — and the creation of a new research foundation studying the impact of open data.

Open data policies “are not just about government transparency — they also mean the government can manage itself better, because data analytics become much cheaper when you’ve got data instead of [PDF] documents,” Data Coalition Executive Director Hudson Hollister said in an interview with Nextgov.

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Recap: Data Coalition's Second Annual Capitol Hill Fly-in!

Rep. Darrell Issa (middle) surrounded by Data Coalition Capitol Hill Fly-In participants. 
Yesterday, with the help of former Oversight Committee chairman Tom Davis, we announced our new name and our new sister organization, the Data Foundation

Following the morning event, forty-seven people, representing 31 companies, brought our message of data reform to twelve key Capitol Hill offices. Many discussions were centered around DATA Act implementation and oversight, the passage of the Financial Transparency Act (H.R. 2477) and the adoption of a common data format such as XML (eXtensible Markup Language) for all Congressional materials.

You'll find some photos of our group's meeting with Congressman Issa here.

Tech Industry, Transparency Advocates Weigh In to Dump DUNS

The three agencies that manage the Federal Acquisition Regulation proposed last November to amend the regulation to stop requiring the government to use the proprietary DUNS Number to track all its grantees and contractors. Because the DUNS Number is owned by Dun & Bradstreet, information encoded using that number cannot be freely downloaded, exchanged, or used.
As long as the government keeps relying on a proprietary identification code to track grantees and contractors, grant and contract data will not be fully open. 
The Federal Acquisition Regulation proposal is a first step away from dependence. Its approval won't change the practical use of the DUNS Number within federal reports and systems - but will remove a legal barrier to future change.
On Jan. 20, the Coalition joined a formal comment letter with seven pro-transparency organizations, supporting the proposal and calling for an end to the forced use of the DUNS Number.
Nine other individuals and organizations also submitted comment letters on the proposed reform to the Federal Acquisition Regulation. The vast majority supported the reform - even a letter from Dun & Bradstreet, Inc


FedGIS Conference on February 25-25, 2016.

The event draws over 3,500 GIS professionals from across National, Federal and State governments. There are hands on learning labs, technical sessions and great networking opportunities. Registration and full conference details can be found here

The event is complimentary to all federal government employees and contractors, by using a “.gov” email.
Financial Data Summit on March 29, 2016 at the J.W. Marriott, Washington, DC.

U.S. financial regulatory agencies have only just begun to modernize the information they collect from disconnected documents into transparent, standardized data.The Data Coalition’s second annual Financial Data Summit will bring together supporters of this crucial transformation. As financial agencies move from plain-text documents to open formats like XBRL, and embrace interoperable data fields such as the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) across multiple reporting requirements, they enable better transparency for investors, data-driven analytics for investigators, and cheaper compliance for the industry. 

To register click here!
Government data is 'weird'
Strengthening Transparency and Open Access to Government Amendment Act of 2016



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