November 6, 2015
Data Transparency News
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The latest:
  • Fixing the SEC’s Disclosure System
  • House Ways and Means Committee Looks into How Data Standards can Improve Entitlement Programs  
  • Data Coalition Board Meeting in Chicago!
  • VIDEO: Interview with Small Business Administration Deputy CFO Tim Gribben

Fixing the SEC’s Disclosure System

The SEC collects public information from thousands of corporations and publishes it on its EDGAR website. But almost all of the information the SEC collects is expressed as PDF or plain-text documents, not structured data.

This is a problem because the disconnected and static nature of the SEC’s information portfolio locks valuable data away from those who want to use it—investors, markets, tech companies, and even the agency's own staff. Without expensive, one-off analytics projects, it is impossible to perform sophisticated data analysis, automate fraud detection, or track changes in a particular company’s disclosures over time.

To fix the SEC's corporate disclosure system, our Coalition's prescription can be summarized in two words: Structured data. We filed a formal comment letter last week asking for the agency to adopt consistent data fields and formats for all the information it collects from public companies. If the SEC takes this simple yet transformative step, investors, companies, and its internal staff will all benefit.

Read more in the latest Data Coalition blog post here.

House Ways and Means Committee Looks into How Data Standards can Improve Entitlement Programs 

On November 3, the Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee titled “Better Coordinating Welfare Programs to Serve Families in Need.” The hearing considered data standards and process improvement for entitlement programs.

Former Representative Geoff Davis, now a member of the Coalition's Board of Advisors, testified at the hearing. He told committee members that "the biggest and best first step" to improve federal entitlement programs is to adopt common data standards for the information that entities administering those programs must report and exchange. Data standards, he testified, "will lead to more transparent and effective processes which will serve more clients, reduce response times, increase agency capacity, and ultimately assist those in need on their climb out of poverty." In Congress, Mr. Davis introduced the Standard DATA Act, which became law in September 2011 and which mandated common data standards for some programs.

To see the full witness list and testimonies click here

The Data Coalition Heads to Chicago for our Annual Board of Directors Meeting! 

An image taken at Data Transparency 2015. From left to right Adam Roth of StreamLink Software, Mike Starr of Workiva, Rep. Darrell Issa, Jonathan Elliott of RDG Filings, Joe Kull of PwC, and TIm Day of Teradata. Not pictured: Kevin Merritt of Socrata, Vasan Thatham of DataTracks, Craig Clay of RR Donnelley, Bryce Pippert of Booz Allen Hamilton.
This week the Data Coalition headed to RR Donnelley's headquarters in Chicago for our annual Board of Directors meeting. Stay tuned for exciting new updates. We are very thankful for our board's continued support of the Coalition! 

Esther Joy King, Director of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology at Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, addressed our board on Thursday, November 5. She updated the Board on Illinois' efforts to update the states data collection technology. Ms. King spoke of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's goals of moving from disconnected data to machine-readable data and utilizing existing data sets to improve private sector business opportunities in the state. 

VIDEO: Interview with Small Business Administration Deputy CFO Tim Gribben

November 19: Tableau Government Summit: The Power of Data Analytics

Tableau's second annual complimentary 2015 Government Summit is an opportunity to hear from experts and thought-leaders across Federal and State Government organizations who are tapping into the power of data analytics. Throughout the day you'll have the opportunity to network with peers, connect with speakers, and network with Tableau representatives. To register click here.
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