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CCHRA Notes | December 2013
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In this issue:
President's Message
Introducing a CCHRA Volunteer Extraordinaire!
Advertise on the Big Screen at CCHRA Programs
Legislatively Speaking - New Laws for 2014
Legislatively Speaking - Your Chance to Influence the Law
Scholarships & Recertification Policy Changes
President's Message
By, Kelsey L. Escoto MSOD, SPHR
CCHRA Professional Development Director

Happy & Joy!Happy Holidays!

Another year has come and gone and I’m very proud to say CCHRA has ended 2013 on a positive and upbeat note!

We have accomplished a lot this year and I want to congratulate our CCHRA Board and Volunteers for helping the Chapter to flourish!

We accomplished the following in 2013:
  • Created two (2) Certification Scholarships ($750 each) which were award to Jennifer Ortega (Growers Express) and Judith McCasskill.
  • Updated Web Site (work in progress and we have only just begun).
  • Updated Newsletter CCHRA Notes Format.
  • Sponsors for ALL 2013 Lunch Programs and we are on track for sponsorships for 2014 programs.
  • Community Outreach – Walk-4-Troops - we raised over $600, which we equally distributed to the SHRM Foundation, CSUMB Scholarship Program for vets, and Walk-4-Troops.  It was a fun event with over 30 people in attendance, great raffle prizes and great networking!
  • Engaged Membership Committee - not only did the membership committee work on the Walk-4-Troops, they have been instrumental in bringing in and engaging new members!  Thank you Kimberly Schneider, Nancy Scholink, Angelica Plascencia, Lizzy Leitzinger, Paula Draeger.
  • Conducted Financial Audit for the last 5 years - we are financially sound!
  • Participated in the EDD Job Fair.
  • Updated our marketing focus and signage and will continue into 2014 to get the word out into the community about the benefits of CCHRA to HR Professionals and Business leaders.
In addition I want to introduce your 2014 Board of Directors:
  • Jean Premutati - President
  • Gretchen Fuentes - President Elect
  • Dana Marshall - Membership Director
  • Althea DeBeer - Program Director
  • Elizabeth Leitzinger - Communications Director
  • Sharilyn Payne - Legislative Director
  • Stacia Hillard - Treasurer
  • Ignacio Alvarez - Secretary
  • Nonita Fortman - Member Resources Director
  • Kelsey Escoto - Past President
  • JR Medina - Professional Development Director
  • Marla Van Cleve - Web Coordinator
  • Judith McCasskill - Diversity Chair
  • Manual Arenivaz - Workforce Readiness Chair
  • Roberta Young - Certifications Chair
We have many opportunities for our members to get involved and welcome member input and helping hands.  We are a board that likes to have fun, get the work done, and do what’s best for our membership and community!  Please join us!

In the meantime, don’t miss our January 9, 2014 Employment Law Update with Christopher Panetta (Fenton & Keller).  This will be our first program back at Corral de Tierra (81 Corral de Tierra Road, Salinas, CA).  Check-In and Networking starts about 11:00 am with the program (2 hours) starting at 12:00 noon.

As a reminder to receive the discounted member rate of $25, you must register and pay by the Friday prior to the meeting.  Otherwise walk-in price is $40 member and $45 non-member.

I wish us all a most Happy and Prosperous New Year!!
Introducing a CCHRA Volunteer Extraordinaire!
Marla Van CleveWhen the chips are down, or the web site needs updating, Marla Van Cleve has stepped in to support CCHRA in multiple ways!  The CCHRA Board of Directors are so appreciative of Marla’s Contribution in the areas of Treasurer, the Web Site and historical knowledge of CCHRA we wanted to shine a spot-light on her accomplishments!

Marla Van Cleve, Payroll/HR Director with D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California and has been with the company for about 15 or 16 years...we all start to lose count after that long right?  Marla has been a member of CCHRA since 2002!

Why do you volunteer with CCHRA?

“After 15 years as a software programmer, including 6 years with this company, I moved into our payroll & “personnel” department during the prelude to Y2K because I was tired of being a software programmer and wanted to do more analysis. My boss thought that I should learn more about processing payroll and help the company through the transition from one computer system to another.

I found out that the payroll processing was the easier of the two parts of my position.  There were people who understood it and laws and labor code we could follow.  The area where we were lacking information was HR.

I earned a HR Generalist Certificate from San Jose State University Development Center in 2003 but wanted a local resource so I joined CCHRA in 2002.  I learned so much from the meetings that I tried to attend every one.  I met wonderful, knowledgeable people and was able to ask questions and get help with various HR issues.

In 2005, I was approached by the CCHRA board president about taking on the role of treasurer for 2006 - 2007.  I accepted and spent 4 years on the board with the most wonderful people.  My HR education advanced tremendously and it was a fantastic experience.   One of the board members was teaching the certification class at Chapman, and I liked her style and just that connection convinced me to take the class and earn my SPHR.  I still feel passionate about CCHRA, the people I have met through the organization and the things I have learned.”

Thank You!What Value does CCHRA provide for you?
“Having earned a certification, the meeting provide CEUs, board positions provide CEUs, volunteering on committees with CCHRA provides CEUs.  But best of all, CCHRA has given me the opportunity to meet and connect with people I would not otherwise have met, get more involved in the community and grow as a person.

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole world?
“I love traveling to new places, both within the US and around the world; meeting new people and learning about new cultures.”

We are so thankful for Marla’s participation on the board and stepping in for the remainder of 2013 to hold down the Treasurer position!  Thank you so much Marla!!!
It’s time to RENEW your membership, or join as a FIRST TIME member!

If you renew or register for your 2014 annual membership with CCHRA between now and January 9, 2014, you will receive a REDUCED RATE of $75 (reduced from regular price of $85).

But wait, there’s more!  If you are also a member of SHRM, your CCHRA membership will be further reduced to $65.  You must register by January 9, 2014, and provide your SHRM number to be eligible.

Register or renew online at
For questions about membership, contact Dana Marshall, Membership Director, at
Advertise on the Big Screen at CCHRA Programs
Are you looking for a way to get the word out about your company?  CCHRA offers several advertising options.  One great option for current CCHRA members is to advertise on the big screen at a CCHRA program.  CCHRA runs ads before the program while members are networking.  Your one-page ad must be submitted electronically to incoming Communications Director Elizabeth Leitzinger at no later than 2:00 p.m. on the Monday before the program.  The cost per program is $20.  
Legislatively Speaking
New Laws for 2014
By, Sharilyn R. Payne
CCHRA Legislative Director

Legislatively SpeakingOctober 13, 2013 was the last day that Governor Brown could sign or veto bills.  There are several new laws that employers should be aware of ranging from additional prohibitions on discrimination, changes to Paid Family Leave, and industry specific laws.

Assembly Bill (AB) 556 adds “military and veteran status” to the list of categories protected from employment discrimination under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).  “Military and veteran status” is defined as a member or veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Armed Forces Reserve, U.S. National Guard, and California National Guard.  Although discriminatory treatment is prohibited, employers are allowed to ask about an individual’s military or veteran status to award a “Veteran’s Preference” as provided for in state, federal, and local law.  Applicants for government employment must take a civil service examination, and under “Veteran’s Preference,” certain veterans who take the examination are given extra points. Information on eligibility for Veterans’ Preference can be found at and on the County of Monterey website at personnel.

AB 263 makes it unlawful for an employer or any other person to engage in, or direct another person to engage in, an unfair immigration-related practice in retaliation for an individual speaking up about unfair working conditions.  An “unfair immigration-related practice” includes an employer requesting more or different documents to show that the individual is authorized to work in the United States, or refusal to honor documents provided that on their face reasonably appear to be genuine; using the E-Verify system to check the employment authorization status of a person at a time or in a manner that does not comply with federal law; threatening to file or filing a false police report; or threatening to contact or contacting immigration authorities.  An employer may be subject to damages, attorneys’ fees, and suspension of government issued licenses if it violates this statute.

Currently, employees can apply for Paid Family Leave (PFL) wage replacement benefits when they take time off to care for a “family” member defined as a seriously ill child, spouse, parent, or domestic partner, or to bond with a minor child within certain time parameters.  Senate Bill (SB) 770 provides that effective July 1, 2014, the definition of “family” for purposes of PFL will be expanded to include a seriously ill grandparent, grandchild, sibling, and parent-in-law. 

In the area of agriculture, SB 168 makes a farm labor contractor successor liable for wages or penalties that a predecessor farm labor contractor owed to former employees if any of the following apply: the successor (1) uses substantially the same facilities or workforce to offer substantially the same services as the predecessor; (2) shares in the ownership, management, control of the workforce, or interrelations of business operations with the predecessor; (3) employs in a managerial capacity any person who directly or indirectly controlled the wages, hours, or working conditions of the employees owed wages or penalties by the predecessor; or (4) is an immediate family member of any owner, partner, officer, licensee, or director of the predecessor or of any person who had a financial interest in the predecessor.

SB 435 provides that, just as an employer may not require an employee to work during a meal or rest period, an employer may not require an employee to work during a “recovery period,” defined as “a cool-down period afforded an employee to prevent heat illness.”  Every workday that the meal, rest or recovery period is missed, the employer must pay an additional hour’s pay at the employee’s regular rate.  This law applies to agricultural occupations, as well as all outdoor places of employment. 

These are just some of the new laws for 2014.  You can learn more about new legislation and recent court decisions at our Employment Law Update on January 9, 2014. 

Sharilyn Payne is an attorney with the Fenton & Keller law firm in Monterey. This article is intended to address topics of general interest, and should not be construed as legal advice. For more information, please visit
Your Chance to Influence the Law
By, Sharilyn R. Payne
CCHRA Legislative Director

Do you feel helpless when you hear about new laws that make your job more difficult?  Would you like to have the opportunity to explain to your representatives, or even to the authors of proposed legislation, the practical impact of proposed new laws before they become the law?  Well, here’s your chance.

From April 23 to 25, 2014, CalSHRM is hosting its annual Legislative and HR Conference in Sacramento at the Sheraton Grand Hotel.  The conference culminates in a visit to the Hill when you and other HR representatives will have the opportunity to visit with legislators.  But in addition to that, on April 23 you can attend a 6-hour workshop on California Employment Law Essentials for Business that is worth 6 CEU’s, and on April 24 and 25 you can attend presentations on topics that affect employers and earn 12+ CEU’s.  Topics in prior years have addressed legislative advocacy, HR and business strategies, regulatory agencies and processes, and compliance with California employment law.  Speakers in the past have included the Labor Commissioner, and Department of Fair Employment Housing representatives involved in writing the proposed rules on sexual harassment prevention training.

This conference usually draws 250 to 350 attendees.  We are still waiting for information on this year’s line-up of speakers, but watch our website at and CCHRA notes for more information, or go on the CalSHRM website at  If you register early, you can take advantage of the Early Bird Pricing.  Mark your calendars now.
PHR/SPHR or PHR-CA/SPHR-CA Certification
Scholarships & Recertification Policy Changes
ScholarshipsNCHRA plans to offer a 12-week Certification Study Group in Castroville beginning January 22, 2014 if there are enough registrants. Go to NCHRA website, for more information. ( There are many other prep options if this does not work for you.

CCHRA will offer two $750 Certification Scholarships in 2014. The scholarship application deadlines are February 10, 2014 for mid-year testing and August 11, 2014 for testing in December, 2014-January, 2015.   The application dates for mid-year testing is January 1- March 19, 2014. A $75.00 late application fee is charged from March 20-April 23, 2014.

The Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) has new recertification policies for 2014. You can extend your recertification date to the end of the month of your birthday month. See:

In addition, there is now a suspended certification status that extends the time you have to submit your HRCI credits.

If you have questions about certification or recertification, contact Roberta Young, CCHRA Certification Chair at  or phone 831-643-9465 or 510-435-9190.
The HCRI website is
For more information about the Central Coast Human Resources Association, please
visit our website at

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