Arisia '16
Progress Report #3
October 2015


Introducing the Muse of Whimsy

Arisia 2016 is pleased to announce the addition of a special guest, Venetia Charles, as our Muse of Whimsy.
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Venetia's own words on the experience of her first Arisia:

"Arisia is the first convention where I felt absolutely comfortable and at ease. I felt that not only was I welcome to join in but that I wanted to be part of the many marvelous things happening around me. I didn’t have or need an agenda, I didn’t need to see x-level famous person or make x-business connection but it was simply and lovingly about having fun. While I have been to giant comic-cons where there are lots of young people, this was also the first convention that had a genuinely youthful feel of exploration, interest, and trust."

Her insight into this spirit at Arisia is a key part of why we have invited her to be our Muse of Whimsy!
More information about how awesome Venetia is and about our other guests of honor can be found at:

Registration News

Arisia will be adopting a new and improved registration system at con in January. To prepare, we'll be closing online registration on December 31. MEMBERSHIPS WILL STILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR! We just need to close up shop for a few weeks to make sure the new system is working as it should.

Registration is also MOVING! Starting at Arisia 2016, Registration will be located on the Concourse (take the escalator or elevator next to Sauciety down to the hallway approaching the Grand Ballrooms). There will be plenty of signs pointing the way.

 Art Show

Come see the Art Show this year!  In addition to exciting new works by GoH Johnna Klukas, the Art Show will feature long-time favorites and appealing newcomers.

Art Show has sold out both panel and table spaces.  Artists interested in adding their name to the wait list can do so at 

Game masters

Sign-ups for Arisia game masters are open! We're looking for people to run board games and GM tabletop RPGs.  Game masters earn a day membership for the day their game runs; running at least 4.5 total hours of gaming earns a full weekend membership.  Sign up by November 15 at (later submissions may be considered, but are not eligible for comp memberships).

Live Action Roleplaying

Arisia 2016 has a wide selection of live-action roleplaying games, from fantasy to science fiction to steampunk adventure! All of this year's games welcome new and interested players, although some are part of a greater story that you can learn about through play.  Signups are now open!  Read about this year's games and sign up here:

Artist GOH Demos

Our Artist Guest of Honor will be giving two wood-turning demonstrations
Wood Turning (Making Rockets): Johnna Y. Klukas, our artist guest of honor, demonstrates some wood turning techniques with a small lathe. Simple turning between centers and then doing other operations off the lathe. Creating blanks that include features in them already, like checkerboards, portholes, etc. The lathe as a tool for making components of bigger projects.

Introduction to multi-center/axis turning:  Johnna Y. Klukas, the artist Guest of Honor, demos intermediate wood lathe techniques such as using wood offcuts you didn't think you should bother turning. This is a good way to improve tool technique, develop the ability to see volumes in rough or odd-shaped blocks and develop an eye for layout and balance.


Masquerade Registration signup is live! Anyone interested in participating in the Arisia 2016 Masquerade can read the Masquerade rules here and sign up here!

Arisia Lightning Talks

Have you ever heard of TED Talks, described as "ideas worth spreading”? Do you have one of these ideas or maybe a passion you want to share with a large audience in a huge room? With performances and the excitement they provoke? You can share something that inspires you in one of our Lightning Presentations. To learn more and to sign up, visit the Lightning Talks page.

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