This is the January 2014 Progress Report for all Arisia attendees.

Arisia 2014 Progress Report, Final Edition

This final progress report lets you know what’s happening at Arisia and contains updates so you can finalize your Arisia weekend schedule!
Arisia Registration
Arisia Pre-Registration closes at NOON, Sunday January 12.  We will re-open at the convention at 3 PM Friday January 17.
Arisia may hit our membership cap this year. We strongly recommend pre-registering for the convention. We will provide more information on the Registration page if we reach or are very close to our cap. If you do not have a membership we encourage you to check the website before coming to Arisia.
If you can, register online for shorter lines. Registration is $65 online and at the door. 
Day rates for Arisia 2014 will only be offered if we have not hit our cap - which we expect to do, late Friday or early Saturday.
Friday $20 
Saturday $45 
Sunday $30
Monday $10  
  • How to check on your registration status
  • Turtle Track:  There are THREE SPOTS LEFT in Turtle Track!  However, you cannot register them online.  If you want a babysitting spot for your 2-6 year old, you must email Registration directly
Hotel & Parking
  • Hotel parking update
  • Directions to the hotel can be found here 
  • All reservation modifications (which includes changing check-in and check-out dates) must be received by end of day Saturday January 11 using this form.
  • If you need to cancel your hotel room contact immediately.  The cancellation deadline is 72 hours before your arrival time or you will be billed.
  • Don’t forget to bring small bills ($5, $10) to tip housekeeping & bell staff
  • Hotel cell phone reception gets spotty in some areas. Call first, text second. Remember texts don’t have guaranteed delivery time.
  • Floors 4, 5, 6, and 9 are considered the loud floors. If you are hosting an event, please make sure that you are on one of these floors.
Blood Drive on Friday and Saturday
Signup (walk-ins welcome!) in the lobby near the elevators. The Bloodmobiles will be parked on D Street at the bottom of the escalators.
  • Friday 2:30pm–7:30pm for Children’s Hospital sign up
  • Saturday 9am–5pm for Mass General Hospital
NEW! On Friday, if you give blood before you register for the con, your "I gave blood" sticker will get you onto an express registration line. 
If you have any questions, please visit our webpage or contact us at  

The Masquerade will be held on Sunday night of Arisia (January 19, 2014). Most rehearsals will still be held on Saturday.  Online registration is available here or sign up at con.  See additional information about the masquerade here

Art Show 
It looks like we are going to have another fantastic Art Show this year. Even though we are in a larger space (Harbor II & III), we are already packed!  

Our staff picks their very favorite panels from our varied programming. In addition, the events highlighted below are special to this years's convention.

KINETIC: A Nightclub Dance
*NEW* IN 2014: The party is on! Come and get on the dance floor! Move your body to a high-energy mix of electro, goth, industrial, pop, and more, courtesy of our DJs,. Enjoy fantastic sci-fi & anime visuals by our VJ on our dual projection screens! Then relax on comfy couches in our private bar & lounge (bring cash & ID to drink). Creative dress encouraged: snazzy, spooky, sexy, sparkly! Come, dance, and be merry!

25 Years of Arisia Party
Come celebrate 25 years of Arisia with fans and guests both old and new.

Carl Brandon Awards
Arisia is proud to host the Carl Brandon Awards once again. Winners of these awards are Tenea D.Johnson, who received the Carl Brandon Parallax Award for her novel Smoketown, and Andrea Hairston, who received the Carl Brandon Kindred Award for her novel Redwood and Wildfire. Congratulations to the winners!

The awards ceremony will be held at 2:30 PM on Saturday, January 18th in Grand Ballroom B.

Live Action Angry Birds
Let's play *Angry Birds*, a Finnish game with sweeping popularity, now in live action format!  Join our feathered flock and destroy the foam infrastructure of the evil green pigs.  Knock out the King Pig for extra bonus points!  Stuffed angry birds and green pigs will be provided, although costumes are also welcome.  Fun for kids and adults of all ages!
Fan Group Meetups are a very recent addition to our schedule.
On Friday at 5:30 to 7pm Downton Abbey Fan Gathering and at 7 to 8pm Dr. Who Fans Meetup.
On  Saturday at 10 to 11pm Vampires in Literature Fan Meetup
And on Sunday at 10 to 11pm Terry Pratchett Fans Meetup,  2:15 to 4pm Game of Thrones Fans Gather and 4 to 5pm Avengers Fans Unite.

Guidebook and KonOpas
The Arisia schedule can be viewed on your mobile device. This year we have two choices Guidebook and KonOpas.

Guidebook: get the app for iPhone, Android and other devices. Then download the schedule within the app.

KonOpas download is here 

For more information visit Arisia Publications

Food Trucks and Concessions

Friday:  Concession Sales 4-8pm
Saturday:  Food Trucks from 11-4:30, Concession Sales from 4-8pm
Sunday: Food Trucks from 11-4:30, Concession Sales from 4-8pm
Monday: Food Trucks from 11-3

Food Trucks
Saturday:  Food Trucks from 11-4:30: Roxy's Grilled Cheese and Mei Mei Street Kitchen
Sunday: Food Trucks from 11-4:30: Benny's Crepe Cafe and Bostons Baddest Burgers
Monday: Food Trucks from 11-3: Benny's Crepe Cafe and The Taco Truck

The Taco Truck = @TheTacoTruck
Roxy's Grilled Cheese = @roxysgrilledchz
Mei Mei Street Kitchen = @meimeiboston
Benny's Crepe Cafe = @BennysCrepeCafe
Boston's Baddest Burgers =  @BBBTruck

New Access Policy
Do you need to bypass the line for Masquerade (concerns about fatigue, mobility, being jostled) and or do you need seats in the front, (hard of hearing, need to see CART screen, to be close to the stage to see, mobility concerns, or may need to leave abruptly) ? Register with access before the convention, or at the convention at the Info Desk. The back of your badge will have a sticker outlining what you need, and we hope this will be a smoother system than using a signup sheet. If you have any feedback for us about this, we are interested in hearing from you. Please email if you are interested in signing up, or to talk about this change.

Safety at Arisia
Safe Spaces
Con-goers who are in need of a safe space, or looking for help of any kind can look for the "safe space" signage designating places they can go to for help. Volunteer Lounge, Programming Nexus, and Ops/Security are all places that are designated "safe spaces."

BACKUP Project at Arisia
If any of our attendees needs backup, please keep an eye out for people wearing BACKUP ribbons, or come to one of the designated "safe spaces" for help. Info about the BACKUP project can be found here.

Teen Lounge 
The Teen Lounge is ready to go! Remember, no one over 20 is allowed into the Lounge. If you need to converse with a teen in the Lounge, you must knock on the door and a volunteer will find your teen.

Photography Policy
Attendees must ask before they take photos of other attendees. Period.


Tiptree Bake Sale

Arisia is proud to host a James Tiptree bake sale and to support this fine award.
If you are interested in donating home-baked goodies that do not require refrigeration, or if you would like to volunteer to help with the bake sale, please contact us soon.

Enlist for Team Arisia
Volunteer at con!
Come to the Volunteer Lounge at any time during the convention. On Monday & Tuesday receive double credit for load-out, which will count toward your 2015 membership! Help wanted and other information can be found here
Do you have a question we didn’t answer?  There’s much more information on the Arisia website, If you can’t find the answer you’re searching for, write to   
It’s going to be a splendid convention!  We’ll see you there.  
From All of Us at Arisia’14

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