This is the December 2013 Progress Report for all Arisia attendees.

Arisia 2014 Progress Report #5

Registration $55 until December 31, 2013
Registration rate is now $55 until Dec 31.  After that, and at the convention, the weekend rate will be $65 until we reach our membership cap.   

We expect to meet our attendance cap and strongly recommend preregistering if you plan to attend Arisia.

Students (age 13-25 with a valid student ID) are $30
Turtle Track reservations (babysitting for 2-6 years old, always $65) are still available as of this writing.
Register here
Day rates for Arisia 2014, which are only available on the days in question, are 
Friday $20 
Saturday $45 
Sunday $30
Monday $10  

Please check the website before coming to the con if you don't have your membership.

Hotel Cancellations and Wait List
You must cancel your room reservation no later than 72 hours before check-in to avoid incurring a late cancellation penalty.  If you need to cancel your room reservation, please do so by e-mailing so we can give your room to the next person on the wait list.

We have begun processing the Arisia wait list, but there is still a long way to go.   We tend to move the bulk of the people off of the wait list and into rooms after people start cancelling unneeded rooms after Christmas, so please don't fret if you haven't been moved off yet.

Looking for a roommate? Don't forget to check our roommate forum.

Food Trucks
Boston food trucks are coming to Arisia!  There will be a selection of local food trucks (2 per day) at the convention this year to help you obtain good and quick meal options! Expected hours are Friday 4-9, Saturday & Sunday 11-9, and Monday 11-3.  More information on what food trucks will be available on which days as we get closer to the con.

The Masquerade will be held on Sunday night of Arisia (January 19, 2014). 

Art Show 
It looks like we are going to have another fantastic Art Show this year. Even though we are in a larger space (Harbor II & III), we are already packed, with a waiting list!  

The Programming schedule is up! 

Tech Workshops 
Learn/Assist with Shooting a Live TV Show on Friday at 6:30 pm in Grand B space 
Working with Tech costuming workshop on Friday at 7:30 pm in Grand B space. 

Music Track
A reprise of the Doom, Gloom & Despondency Song Contest: Sign up to enter with your best and funniest depressing song, or just join the audience.  Funerary attire is encouraged.

A new game show: Silly Song Smackdown.  Sign up to join Team Lehrer, Team Yankovic, or Team Sherman, or just join the audience.

Singing in the Pool -- Bring your swimsuit!

Films at Arisia
Films to shown at Arisia include:
Pacific Rim                     Robot and Frank
Dead Snow                    Sleeper
In Like Flint                    The Cat From Outer Space
The silent movie will be "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" 

Visit Films for more details or come by the Otis room on the lobby level at the convention.

Fan Tables
Fan tables will be next to Artists Alley in the part of Galleria that was used for Art Show last year. Stop by and show your support.

New Access Policy
Do you need to bypass the line for Masquerade (concerns about fatigue, mobility, being jostled) and or do you need seats in the front, (hard of hearing, need to see CART screen, to be close to the stage to see, mobility concerns, or may need to leave abruptly) ? Register with access before the convention, or at the convention at the Info Desk. The back of your badge will have a sticker outlining what you need, and we hope this will be a smoother system than using a signup sheet. If you have any feedback for us about this, we are interested in hearing from you.
Please email if you are interested in signing up, or to talk about this change.

Safety at Arisia
Safe Spaces
Con-goers who are in need of a safe space, or looking for help of any kind can look for the "safe space" signage designating places they can go to for help. Volunteer Lounge, Programming Nexus, and Ops/Security are all places that are designated "safe spaces."

BACKUP Project at Arisia
If any of our attendees needs backup, please keep an eye out for people wearing BACKUP ribbons, or come to one of the designated "safe spaces" for help. Info about the BACKUP project can be found here.

Teen Lounge 
The Teen Lounge is ready to go! Remember, no one over 20 is allowed into the Lounge. If you need to converse with a teen in the Lounge, you must knock on the door and a volunteer will find your teen.

Arisia's Newsletter Clear Ether 
Do you have any information that you know you'll want in this year's Clear Ether? You can send it to now!

Photography Policy
Attendees must ask before they take photos of other attendees. Period.

Tiptree Bake Sale

Arisia is proud to host a James Tiptree bake sale and to support this fine award.
If you are interested in donating home-baked goodies that do not require refrigeration, or if you would like to volunteer to help with the bake sale, please contact us soon.

Enlist for Team Arisia
Arisia runs on volunteer power and there are lots of ways you can help.  Volunteers who work eight hours will get a free T shirt at the convention (only available to volunteers), twelve or more hours earn a free membership to next year's convention. We need people pre-con and even post con, too!  Check out our help wanted page  or fill out the volunteer form. Below are some of the areas that need your help.

Help set up Arisia
Volunteers who help on Wednesday (truck loading), Thursday (load-in and set-up), Friday (load-in and set-up ONLY, generally until 3 PM), Monday (tear-down and load-out ONLY, generally after 3 PM) or Tuesday (load-out and truck unloading) will get those hours doubled. You could earn all your hours for a free membership for Arisia 2015 and never miss a minute of Arisia 2014!!

Staff Den 
The Staff Den needs your help serving its delicious, delicious food and you get to eat too!

Art Show
Do you like art? We need Set-up/Tear-down crew; we have some help but we always need more.

Didn't sign up to volunteer before the con?
Don't worry, we still need your help. The Volunteer Lounge helps provide day volunteers to all the areas that need them. Come by Quincy to ask about volunteering at the con. 

All staff will be picking up their timesheets, t-shirts, and other swag at the Volunteer Lounge. We'll also have snacks and comfy places to sit. Arisia takes care of its Volunteers!

It’s going to be a wonderful convention!  
We’ll see you there.

From All of Us at Arisia’14

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