Minutes of meeting on 21st July 2021. 

Attendees: Sue Martin-Downhill, Sharon Smits & Becky Reid
Apologies: Linda Emery, Helena Fickling, Laura Fellows, Kay Sentance
  1. Volunteer Fair - the attendance was quite good. We discussed holding the next annual one in town, possibly the Town Hall. Sharon to send followup email, with available volunteer roles. Waitrose gave funding for this event. 
  2. Looking into holding a Volunteer Celebration evening / combine it with the Volunteer Fair evening event.
    • Evening event - £xx per head for Chinese Buffet - may get funding for this
    • celebrate your volunteers - awards if required
    • would you be interested in this
    • January / February evening - Love Your Volunteer
  3. Becky to list the Volunteer events on 21st Century Thame and Love Thame Facebook page. We should add these meetings too. 
  4. Should we change these meetings to evenings to get more attendees? This is the Steering group meetings, which is the core of people watching the bank account, funding group, overseeing the company. Also, to be used for updates on ongoing events / projects. Current leads are available during the day. 
  5. Thame Trees application for Waterview Farm & Sidnum. Need to keep collecting the trees that were handed out for nurturing. Would like to find out who owns the copse at the end of the Rugby club field. There are lots of self-seeding saplings there and we would like permission to dig them up. Lots of tree planting about to happen, The DofE students who need their volunteering aspect can help. 
  6. DofE contact at LWS is Mr Cuell, Sharon to email him to ask what info he needs about volunteering. 
  7. Process for insurance additions. Sharon to email. Ask the question about other business space when holding events. 
  8. Equipment Bank income for this year £2,800 normally 3 times that amount. Overall income down. Had some funding from SODC, which has been spent on new pieces of equipment. 
  Date of next meeting as below. 
The next meeting will be:

Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 12 noon - 1.30pm

The meetings will take place in the bar at Racquets Fitness Centre. 
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