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👋 Hey all

Good to have you again and welcome back to my newsletter about product ideas, building side projects, indie hacking, and problems worth solving.

This is the last "vacation issue" and therefore slightly shorter and different than usual. When you are relaxed and slowed down a bit, even supposedly boring stuff can be of interest.

Let me show you.

🗄️ Archives

The Internet Is Rotting. This is another one of those articles showing that the internet actually does forget. That this is something to worry about. Content drift and link rot are a thing. And this observation opens up opportunities.

Here is a first example from my idea list to give you some possibilities: A surprising amount of newspapers of all sizes treat their archives poorly. Finding the archive itself can be a pain, finding anything in it is another one. Why not offer a really good external hosting solution? This could be monetized in so many ways: charge for the hosting itself, find a way to sell access to old content or use the vast quantities of text to train a machine learning model and offer solutions on top of that.

Too big for an indie hacker? Then let's look at the creator economy. Back in issue 31, I wrote about the IndieWeb and services, tools, and products to help others build their brand. Or better: to keep their content. Can you think about any solutions to archive creator material, no matter if text, audio, or video?

It can be even simpler. Link rot is especially problematic if you put links in "long-term" content like a book. Arvid Kahl scratched his own itch and built PermanentLink, which is basically a redirect service on steroids. He uses the Wayback Machine in case the original link is broken. (Btw, the Internet Archive is incredibly awesome and deserves any support you can give.)

The Internet Archive brings me to another idea. Have you heard of ArchiveBox? This could be a cornerstone for many products. Even as simple ones as providing a hosted solution.

So today's special is more like a quick idea storm. The whole archiving sector offers many niche opportunities for bootstrappers. And to quote from the initial article: "It is no coincidence that a single civic-minded citizen [...] was the one to step up, instead of our existing institutions."

💬 Social Listening

Listen on social networks to find out what people are looking for.

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📚 Worth Reading

Mise-en-Place for Knowledge Workers: 6 Practices for Working Clean - This one starts with an interesting hook: "Knowledge work is unique among skilled professions in that we lack a culture of systematic improvement." I dare to disagree with this strong simplification. Yet the six steps proposed and explained are definitively worth your read.

How people discover new products - Covers a wide spectrum of channels, how they work, and when to use.

12 Industries That Will Thrive Thanks To Millennials - "Millennials are one of the largest generations in history, and they're hitting their prime spending years. These are the industries that stand to benefit the most."

The top trends in tech - From McKinsey, so take it with a grain of salt considering their target group. And it's surprisingly unsurprising.

🦋 Life is Beautiful

Random things which stood out for me this week. Mostly unrelated to indie hacking. Just showing that we can still have nice things.

Well, okay, it's an advertisement. But the future-optimistic stance is refreshingly different. And the comments just opened up a rabbit hole about solarpunk. Just see An intro to Solarpunk, public imagination, the Earthseed series, and Chobani and Why Solarpunk, Not Cyberpunk, Is the Future We Need Right Now.

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