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Dear <<First Name>>,

Since 2008, Knowledgebase has helped people to help people through our "Reach Then Teach" Leadership Cohort.

Our cohorts then help people who help people via mentoring, conflict resolution, and creative problem solving.

Please support our 30-day Kickstarter campaign to raise $31,000 for our 2015 Reach - Then Teach Leadership Cohort).

The campaign ends on February 17, 2015.

We seek financial contributions, as well as used laptop computers. We use these as learning tools!

Review the project summary below to learn more about our effort's approach and results.

Visit our Kickstarter site to see our project "pitch" video, budget details, and proposed rewards to financial supporters.

Thanks for your attention and support. Please call if you have questions!


Derrick Brown


Executive Summary

KnowledgeBase’s Reach - Then Teach Leadership Cohort is a diverse group of 12 professionals who will build relationships, increase capacity, and generate solutions by executing mentoring, conflict resolution, and problem solving projects.

The 2015 cohort will be chosen through a competitive application and interview process.

During 2015, members will participate in 12 project-based workshops presented by Derrick Brown (KnowledgeBase’s Principal Consultant).

Members will also contribute crowdsourced solutions to our project partners' problems.

Since 2008, our cohorts have ...

1. Produced and debuted The Now You Know History Quiz Bowl - a one-hour "Jeopardy"-styled gameshow with episodes that share the stories of 26 ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary feats.

2. Produced and debuted Bag Of Life - a small-group relationship building activity that uses randomly drawn cards containing fill-in-the-blank sentences, questions, and words that encourage transparent self-expression.

3. Produced a four-minute video to explain the work of our leadership cohort.

4. Helped a church recover its financial and membership database after its server crashed.

5. Helped a homeowner's association create an online map of surrounding communities to support its outreach effort.

6. Developed and implemented a strategy to help a school prevent iPhones from overloading the campus network.

7. Used an AM radio to show a school the sources of electromagnetic interference that made their Internet service unreliable.

8. Written and delivered 120 funding proposals to a database of foundations (that we built) in 90 days.

9. Helped a school mediate 750 student conflicts during the academic year (an average of 1 per day).

Our funding goal is $31,000.

Additional details are presented at our Kickstarter project site ...

  • How Did This Project Originate?
  • How Will Cohort Fellows Be Chosen?
  • What Are Some Of The Workshops Will You Host?
  • What Outcomes Will Be Produced?
  • What Outcomes Have Been Produced By Previous Leadership Cohorts?
  • What Are This Project's Rewards?
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